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The brothers get involved with a rock band., 10 October 2006

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In this episode Eddie discovers a rock band at a small time variety club in Blackpool. He recognises their talent and decides to set up as a manager and get them proper gigs even though he has no idea how to do this. He enlists Mike's help because he needs some cash and someone to answer the phone and do research. The brothers persuade any to let them use a store room as an office, and they manage to get the band an audition on a Showcase evening. Complications occur as Mike becomes more and more attracted to Teresa even though they are cousins, and one of the members of the rock group turns out to be someone Teresa dated at art college. as usual in these episodes, nothing runs smoothly for the brothers as their group looks set to hit the big time. As usual there are lots of wonderful location shots of Blackpool, the acting is superb all round and the dialogue tightly and accurately scripted.