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One of THE funniest movies ever...., 2 July 2008

Completely unexpectedly funny. Forget Jim Carey's brief appearances, the whole concept, the writing, the humor, the entire premise, this is one great film and one I go back and watch 2-3 times a year and laugh like it's the first time I'm seeing it. Some cool cameos including a very young Kirsten Dunst toward the end of the film.

Just as the movie description offers, if you've ever felt frustrated and pent up about the pesky little things that make up everyday life, then this is a movie for you. Thane Furrows offers great insight to many of these things that eat away at many of us daily. His rants about game shows, breakfast cereal, diner waitresses and the life of a household fly are priceless.

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Fantastic film with fine performances all around., 18 March 2005

I was fortunate enough to have seen a preview of this wonderful film and then discuss it in detail with the talented Mr. Riegert afterwords. He had a true passion for telling this story and he has done so in a masterful production with a talented cast. The story is poignant, touching, funny, heart-wrenching and thought-provoking and sometimes all at once. The camera work and cinematography is amazing an often on par with a good Woody Allen movie. The rarely-seen-anymore Isabella Rosselini is slightly underused but effective in every scene that she appears in. The same can be said for Rite Moreno who sneaks in a subtly fine performance. Eli Wallach finally makes a long-overdue screen appearance in what one could easily argue to be one of his finest. Finally, there is the unexpectedly skillfully orchestrated performance of Peter Riegert who somehow found a way to co-write and direct as well. It's a shame that this film may never get it's fair share of press and viewership due to the a lack of distribution because if it does, it would easily become a classic.