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This is a list of actors who I generally have to describe as "the person from the thing" before people know who I am talking about. They all have impressive, usually steady careers, if not name recognition. I love seeing these actors "pop up" in movies and TV shows, as random and "obscure" as they may be.
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A few friends and I regularly have movie nights. We often have a hard time deciding on a movie because I generally don't enjoy horror movies and they LOVE them. Sometimes though, we watch a scary movie (I'm saying scary because I'm sure some are more like thrillers than horror) that I really enjoy.

I haven't exactly been able to pinpoint what a scary movie must contain in order for me to like it but I have decided that it must have at least 1 (hopefully more) of the following:

1) A story that's more than "here's a group of people that we know are all going to die. Let's put them all together and try the guess the order in which they're killed!"
2) A story that's more than "Hey look at this kitchen appliance/broken bicycle/music instrument/animal carcass/lawn sign/weird pair of pants/other item that's generally not a weapon. Look at it kill people!"
2) At least two characters that I can care about if not actually like
3) Unexpected, engaging, twists

Not saying that movies that don't fit this bill are bad or that I hate them all - just that I don't typically enjoy them. (I'm squirmy, what can I say) - please suggest any that you think I'd like that I did not add!
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In Greek the meaning of the name Luke is "Light giving." Luke was the author of the Acts of the Apostles and of the third Gospel in the New Testament, the patron saint of doctors and artists, and was known as 'the beloved physician' This is a list of characters named Luke - most of them have little else in common. It's just fun how the name fits so many different [fictional] guys!
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Unless it's related to David Simon, people tend to be surprised to learn a famous person is from Charm City. Truth be told, Baltimore loves it's offspring and those from Baltimore love the city also, coming back for all sorts of charitable (or just plain fun) events. Here's a fun list of those people!
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Okay, the title is strangely worded. Basically this is a collection of actors who look like younger or older versions of other actors.