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See Jane Run (1995) (TV)
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Enjoyable TV Movie, 2 May 2008

This is one of the better TV movies of the 90's. I remember seeing it shortly after I read the book, and it was spot on! Even after all these years I could not get this movie out of my head. I was thrilled to recently find it on DVD.

Great acting and interesting story with twists and turns. It is a shame most of the TV movies from the 1970's - 1990's are not available on DVD. There are some great movies and miniseries out there, and this is definitely one of them. You will not be able to figure out what has happened until just before it ends, which makes this movie a true surprise. If you get a chance to see this sit back and enjoy!

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Great TV Movie!, 10 January 2007

I am lucky to own the VHS edition of this TV Movie of the 70's. Every time I watch it I am transported back to being a young teen and staying up late to watch the ABC Tuesday Night Movie. Even though it was a school night, I always seemed able to convince my parents to let me watch these movies. This is a wonderful collection of 3 different stories whose main characters are effected by a letter that was lost in the mail for a year. From the time the letter was sent until the day it was finally delivered the lives of the these people changed dramatically. A very simple premise by todays standards, but just as enjoyable as when I first saw it. I only wish someone would compile a set of these great old TV movies onto DVD!

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Beautiful Film!, 7 January 2007

I recently had the opportunity to see this beautiful film and only wish someone would recognize these classic films and remaster them for DVD release. I have read things about this film but until getting TCM I had never seen it and what a treat! Fay Bainter was wonderful and of course Claude Rains, what more could you ask for! I am sure by todays standards this would be considered dated, but you can't get past the fact that the story is heart tugging and will make you cry! The supporting cast which includes Bonita Granville and a young teenager by the name of Jackie Cooper (remember him?) make this all the better. Don't miss the chance to see this great film-

A Brand New Life (1973) (TV)
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Brings Back Great Memories of Those TV Movies!, 30 April 2006

I just got to see this movie again, now on DVD. I had forgotten what a sweet movie it is. Of course the subject of a 40 year old woman having her first child seems like nothing new today, but back then it was controversial to most. It brought back such fond memories of nights when Isat around watching the 'Movie of the Week'. Those films of the 70's were great! I have a long list of films from this genre that have stayed with me the last 30 years or so. Most of them produced by AAron Spelling, they were just the best! I only wish someone could get a collection together and put them in a DVD boxed set. These TV movies seem to be lost in the studio archives. If anyone is listening... there are a lot of people who would like to see them again, so get them out on DVD!!

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A Poor Attempt at Comedy-, 29 April 2006

I recalled seeing this movie as a child in the 70's, and was very excited when I saw that TCM was showing is this month. I made sure I taped it and then settled down for a fun night of nostalgia. Well... I was very disappointed! This film makes no sense and is so slapstick that is is an embarrassment for fans of Sandra Dee, like me. I wasn't expecting high drama, but compared to 'If a Man Answers' or 'Come September', this is just silly nonsense. The director really tried to hard to get laughs and it didn't work. I love Sandra Dee and am sorry to say this is one of her only films I really hated. If you have never really seen many films with her than I would recommend the aforementioned two and a must see... 'A Summer Place'. I feel really terrible to leave this review, but this film is just not worthwhile.

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Great Show!, 23 February 2006

I remember watching this show with my Mom when I was a little girl. Loretta Young was always a favorite of hers, and she taught me to love these classic movie stars too. I vividly recall her entrance, and the beautiful clothes. Okay, the episodes are campy by todays standards, but they are still a delight to see- Simple stories that entertain, how many times can you say that now about the garbage on TV? Loretta and some familiar character actors complete each wonderful episode. I just bought the 3 DVD set of the first season, and I have been enjoying reliving my childhood! If you get a chance buy the DVD set, you won't be sorry.

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A Film That Stays With You-, 2 February 2006

I remember seeing this movie on TV, probably the 4:30 Movie or The Million Dollar Movie. Being a pre-teen when I saw it for the first time, I was enthralled with the gentle love story. Richard Chamberlain was the most handsome man I had ever seen and I was in love the minute I saw him in this film. Betty Smith has been one of my favorite authors and this film and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn are on the top of my list of my all time best loved films. I had not seen this film since the early 70's, but it always stayed with me. Whenever I would talk to another 'film lover' this film was always mentioned. I am glad that TCM has shown it a few times over the year, and a friend taped it for me. I watch it whenever I want to be transported back to a gentler time and place. I feel like a teen-ager when I watch it. Just the BEST!!!

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The Great Betty Shines Again!, 18 December 2005

This is another example of how entertaining movies could be! I loved seeing Betty with Fred, and it sure made me realize that Astaire was much more than a dancer. The affection between the two stars is apparent at every turn and you could actually imagine that they could have been a couple in real life. I loved the fact that this time Betty is a 'Mom' and the child who plays her son is a delight. The story line is nothing new, but the songs and the dancing is fantastic. As with movies from this era, the supporting cast is just wonderful and I loved seeing Ruth Warwick, what a beauty! She was another underrated actress of the time. The clothes are beautiful and best of all the whole family can sit and watch! If you enjoy the musical comedies of the golden age of Hollywood, than don't pass this one by-

Good Sam (1948)
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A Lost Classic!!, 6 November 2005

I recently had the opportunity to see this film after about 30 years and I think I enjoyed it more this time! What a wonderful film! This should be on the list of 'must sees' for any Gary Copper fan. The talented Cooper was able to play anything from a western to the wonderful, good hearted Sam. This is a light hearted look at the consequences that can occur when you extend yourself once too often. I never laughed so much at the comical situations that good ol' Sam gets himself into. The dead pan Ann Sheridan was the perfect choice for Sam's wife. She was really an untapped source as an actress, very underrated! If you have the chance to see this delightful film, please do, you won't be sorry!

My Bill (1938)
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Delightful Movie, 24 September 2005

I recently had the opportunity to see this film on TCM. What a wonderful film. Kay Francis was a very underrated actress. She can portray any type of character, and in this film she portrays a mother at the end of her rope trying to raise four children alone. Her youngest son, Bill adores his mother and even calls her 'sweetheart'. The relationship between the mother and children is very interesting and in some instances is still very contemporary. This premise might seem corny by todays standards, but that does not make the film any less effective. It is a heart warming film, and makes you feel good when it ends. There aren't many films of today that leave you totally satisfied from beginning to end, but this film fulfilled that! If you have the chance to see this, please do... you won't regret it!

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