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a gruesome adventure, 24 February 2007

This film was very much everything it promised from the trailers, and also very unlike what it seemed. Reminiscent of the Chronicles of Narnia, it seemed to be child's movie in an adult world. Its theme seemed to be similar, that children's magic is often accompanied by grisly realities. A child's fantasy that should not be seen by children, and only adults can handle watching, if that. In that way it is very realistic, even though there are impossibilities and moments of complete magic and abandon. At times shockingly grotesque, and at others haunting and lilting, it is a movie to enjoy and be afraid of. Children absolutely should not see it.

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You'll love it if it's your type of movie, 10 September 2006

If you liked Dead Poet's Society, The Emperor's Club, Music of the Heart, Mr. Holland's Opus, or if you are in love with the 50's, you will like this movie. If, like me, you have experienced the camaraderie of all-girls school, you will love it. The acting is fairly poor, especially on Julia Robert's part, she is the same character as in countless other Julia movies, and Julia Stiles disappointed me in comparison to her other performances, which are usually quite good. Marcia Gay Harden is wonderful, as well as Kirsten Dunst and the supporting cast. But while this movie is not amazing, it completely captures the essence of all girls school, growing up and becoming a woman, female friendship and love. Embarrassingly enough, it touched me to the point of tears. So if those sorts of stories interest you, this movie is beautiful. And watch it by yourself if you're embarrassed about crying during silly movies. By the way, this movie has nearly nothing to do with art.

The Cave (2005)
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entertaining and that's all it needs to be, 10 September 2006

I give this movie an 8/10 because for what it is and what it is intended to be, it is excellent. The Cave is not trying to win an Oscar, not are they trying to be artsy, profound or give you an emotional experience that you will want to tell your grandchildren about. It's just a science fiction sort of horror movie, that is good at what it did. The acting was not fabulous, neither was the script, but it thoroughly entertained me, and did keep me on the edge of my seat, and it did make me invested in the fate of the characters (an all too common horror movie flaw). It was interesting, and had enough of a surprise ending to leave you thinking about it (for about five minutes, which is all most movies can hope for). So I say, if you want a science fiction/horror movie, watch this one. It will satisfy.

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Deliciously Creepy, 5 September 2006

This movie was the perfect blend, of eeriness, plus psychosis. There was plenty of the eerie, with the black and white, simply a shot of the house gives goosebumps. And the psychosis of both sisters is well developed. It is a disturbing film without a doubt. Bette Davis' performance was flawless, completely engrossing as the perverse, disturbed Baby Jane. Joan Crawford's acting was almost as good, although she lacked a depth of character that's only revealed at the end, but should have been present through the film. While actors definitely don't want to play the third act, at the end, after the final twist, everything should finally make sense and fall into place as the credits start to roll. Instead, Baby Jane left the audience wondering and confused, since there was nothing in the whole of the movie, most noticeably lacking in Joan Crawford's performance, to make it make sense in the end.

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wow...great *sarcasm*, 15 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this comment will contain spoilers, because i cannot contain what i feel about this movie. it was completely and utterly un-amazing. just that. it was rather dull. too long. and if Elizabeth had just slept with jack about an hour sooner (even though there was actually no sleeping involved since it's a Disney movie) the whole film would have concluded in an hour and half, the proper length for a movie. the special effects were quite spectacular, i give them that, and the acting not bad. but with a total cliff-hanger at the end, and a confusing/meandering plot that involved too many symbolic items and new pirates and ugly barnacle men, i had to give it a 6. the worst part was, i saw it with two friends who absolutely adored it. the movie successfully made me not care about the fates of any of its characters.

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so much better than I expected-it was fabulous, 23 June 2006

"Before there was Romeo and Juliet, there was Tristan and Isolde". Now, that tagline turned me off. I thought, here is another sappy love story with two modern hotties trying to act period and failing. But it is so much more than that. The love between Tristan and Isolde is at times enviable, at times pitiable, and at times so erotically charged, so tragic, and so inevitable that you completely forget it's a movie. The acting was very good, and it was nice that there were no famous actors clouding up the screen with ego. The actors stepped aside for the story, the plot and the history to come through. It is NOT another Romeo and Juliet, a story about a teenage crush that goes too far. This is a story about the true nature of love, and how it both can save and condemn.

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when a horror movie gets too long, 23 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When a horror movie gets too loses its momentum. The first half moved along nicely, filled with traditional scary movie tricks and euphemisms, but which are all still scary none the less. Some might say that the horror movie is a very specific science. When you go outside the borders of its realm, the movie might fall apart. That is what happened in What Lies Beneath. It lost its momentum. Suddenly the story shifted, and nothing of the first part remained at all. It was as if the first forty-five minutes to an hour were a different film. While Michelle Pfeiffer was superb, her eerie blue eyes and ethereal paleness were not enough to frighten. Harrison Ford failed at his role as the disbelieving husband. All I can say truly positive is at least it didn't follow the now very-told story of the woman who didn't know she was dead. The car accident was ever just a car accident.

Crash (2004/I)
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Basically amazing, 2 June 2006

This movie was phenomenal. Some may think that there were not enough Asians in this racially charged film, but we must keep in mind that the Asian population is not very large in LA. Lots of really good irony, and double standards, and hypocrisy. It makes you think about your own prejudices and how deeply they can lie so you don't realize you're prejudiced. It was very emotionally charged and very affecting. You also learn about the potential for change and learning from mistakes and experiences. This is a movie than can potentially change your life. We believe that if the entire world saw this film the world would be a different place. what was the story really about?, 2 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There was no dialoug. How were we supposed to know what the plot was, what the characters were thinking? The script was appalling, we couldn't even understand that Leonardo DiCaprio's character's intentions toward Daniel Day Lewis', or how Cameron Diaz featured in the story. Was she supposed to be a love interest, or just a girl/prostitute sort of character? Too big of a budget and too much blood and not enough real substance. And also too long. Martin Scorcese is normally a brilliant director but he disappointed hugely here. The cinematography, and the historical context was very good and redeemed it somewhat. And it had a really amazing theme song, "Hands That Build America".

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Disappointing Epic, 2 June 2006

This movie severely disappointed me. I was expecting an epic romance, a wonderful war movie with maybe even a little bit of social commentary on current/impending wars going on at the time of the film's production. I missed seeing it in theatres, which was probably a mistake, since the movie had exceptional special effects and very good (if not gimmicky) cinematography. The production aspects of the film were probably the only thing the movie excelled at. The acting was appalling. Kate Beckinsale failed to make any clear choices for her character or her motivations, and the two men served as great eye candy but really nothing more. It all added up to a cheesy love story about love carrying on through all and conquering all, without believing, at any time, that anybody was really in love at all.

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