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Year One (2009)
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Enjoyable cozy time, 21 January 2016

This movie offers a cozy relaxation time with a few laughs and a good cast and also a good director.

So we have two buddy's who are different but work well of each other and leave their village 2 discover new things and it just has a nice sense of adventure and good feel and the movie just offers this good and cozy look. Its definitely not a great film but its something that you might want 2 see again when your in the right mood.

These guys meet a lot of weird people and get into lot of weird circumstances and its just genuinely funny sometimes.

Definitely worth a check and not bad in a sense that its not enjoyable cause it most certainly could be worth your time.

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The Hammer horror!, 19 June 2015

Jonathan Harker arrives at a remote castle somewhere in Germany to catalogue the library of Count Dracula who is played by none other than Christopher Lee. Soon we learn the profession of the librarian is a student of vampirism. Harker is really there to kill the Count but fails miserable.

Draculas thirst for blood and revenge has him searching for Harkers family and friends, none of whom are aware of the oncoming threat, with the exception of the eminent Doctor Van Helsing who is played by none other than Peter Cushing.

The film takes considerable liberties from the novel (mostly to tighten the pacing and focus on the salient points), it remains the most popular version, largely due to the excellent performances from the leads. Christopher Lee is epic as Dracula a role he will always be remembered. His entrance at the top of the staircase is alarming even by modern stands and the hospitality charm that he gives to hide his identity is also very good.

Although Christopher Lee is used very sparingly, so the star power of Peter Cushing must lead the film, which he does with much grace. We also have Michael Gough at Cushing side which makes it even better.

The credits at the beginning are epic and set the tone for the movie brilliantly. This movie is a must see without a doubt.

As effective as this film is, it might not be the scariest horror movie ever made, nor even the most technically impressive but it might just be the most charming and one of the most enjoyable.

Dr. No (1962)
A great start for Bond, 7 January 2015

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The first Bond screen adventure, oh my god how i love this film! the sense of adventure and greatness this is. Sean Connery steps in to the role with a great performance no need for him to take time to get in to the role, he was already spectacular here. This film has a very good and a simple story that is easy to follow and easy to enjoy. Bond investigating a death with a lot of interferences and strange characters that leads him to crab key with one of Bonds most likable allies quarrel which ofcaurse gets killed in the movie just as all the other Bond allies except for Felix Leiter who always gets replaced by a different actor, i wonder if that is because the actors are afraid that their character Leiter will just be killed soon enough like any other Bond ally? anyways... We have a very iconic scene with Honey Rider that everyone should recognize and some fine great adventure scene on crab key. The scene where Honey tells Bond about her past is great. But the highlight of this movie for me is definitely the chat between Bond and Doctor No.. some really great Dialouge there. And ofcaurse the first film shows how easy it is for Bond to escape any situation.. We have a nice ending scene where Bond refuses to be tied to another boat since he needs some alone time with his Honey. Doctor No is a great classic Bond.

Skyfall (2012)
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Very entertaining film, 7 January 2015

i just love what they did here. The filmmakers somewhat ignored the traditional formula but still did some great things that is classic Bond which is absolutely great. Bond is shot down buy an agent in accident and is wounded and has to find himself again and hold his own against a very formidable foe. I like how this movie is all about the rebirth of Bond, and its done extremely well. But what makes this movie so damn good is that its just so enjoyable tense and really great action film, although there are things that you can nitpick here and there but Bond rarely gets this entertaining throughout the whole film, its just a blast! and we have some great cast as well, one of my favorite villain in the series played by Javier Bardem and he is having a ball with this role and does it extremely well. This movie also introduces a new q... does anyone feel like we just reached a Harry Potter movie in his first scene? anyways he does great and is absolutely a fine addition to the series, he ain't no Desmone LLewlyn but he is great in this film. Judi Dench and Daniel Craig are a great team in this movie and Dench M gets a great last Bond film. Skyfall is one of the most entertaining and suspenseful movies in the series, you really root with Bond here and you can feel the character.

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Underrated great Bond adventure, 7 January 2015

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To begin with I'm not going to argue about Denise Richards because we all know she wasn't right for the role, but she doesn't have a lot of screen time or even bother me that much. And definitely not enough to ruin the movie heck The World Is Not Enough. We have a great and thrilling pre credit sequence that is also tide with what is about to come. A great boat chase along the river. It kicks the film of to a great start. The introduction that the villain gets is great, he doesn't arrive until 40 minutes in and its done nicely to build up for the character. Elektra and Bond have a great chemistry that gives this movie so much for the ending of their relationship, or more even the ending that she gets. And when Bond finds out that she is truly on the wrong team was nicely done. It was also good to see Robbie Coltrane re praise his role in the movie, he had more to do here than in Goldeneye and that was appreciated as was John Cleese cameo. Bottom line is this is such a well told story that makes sense and with some great performances from all the main cast except for yes i don't have to say it. This movie is very under appreciated, it certainly belongs among the best in the series. Some people complain that there is to little action but the action is there for a reason this time! we don't need more. People have also commented on that it has little to do with Bond, heck we see who Bond really is in this film. How cold he is when he kills of Electra.. its one of the best scenes in the history of the franchise. Bond has had the enough and the world even is not enough.. he even said it himself. Elektra King is a very strong character in this film how she fell in love with her kidnapper and is angry with her father for not doing more to get her back, M even gets tied more in to the plot than in other films except Skyfall and gets kidnapped and i that was interesting.

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Its Good to see Connery again, the movie on the other hand not good, 1 December 2014

He was more fit in Never Say Never Again than he was in Diamonds. It was good to see him again, but the film could hardly have been any worse.

I like the idea that the present that Bond has gotten old and is on his last breath but he still wants to put his efforts on again. So for that being mostly the point of the movie that this is 007 last mission it gets a few points but it not good enough based on how it all went down. There where some nice fights scenes though mostly the one that happened early int he movie. But other than that it did nothing for me. Bad score, bad closing act as that bored me to tears and the stupid computer game that he plays with Largo. We have a good director that probably had some good ideas but he couldn't do more with the script he got and he probably didn't really get the feel of what Bond movie should be like.

Not on of the best, 20 December 2012

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I found this a pretty rushed and a bad Ducktales episode, i am a fan of the show and have been since i was a child. This episode definitely is not on of the best.

Didn't like the places the went to and the elf or whatever he was.

The episode didn't make any sense also, what's up with the ghost thing? that didn't go anywhere or make any point.

And then they where going to kill Scrooge or make him be locked in a hole, but that didn't go along as planned so they just okey then let him go..

This is obviously and awesome series, but some episodes are not that good and this one is definitely one of them.

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Great show!, 3 September 2005

i loved this and have done sines 4 years old I'm 13. I still got a lot of this shows on tabe. this show includes much of marvels character like the fantastic four and x men and stuff. and the villains are very good i mostly like Shocker and Venom.

i have to say that that could be the best cartoon TV series ever and off course Batman tas and Simpsons too. And this show also has a much of good voice actors, Christopher Daniel Barnes makes a great Spiderm Hank Azaria Is also very good as venom/eddie brock, Roscoe Lee Browne though.. man does he make a good Kingpin! mostly the voice actors do a great job, this show though does have bad animation in parts, and the fact that they used often the same things was very lousy. But aside from a few little things i really do believe that this is one of the very best cartoon series ever made, great fun!

Don Donald (1937)
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Master Donald, 10 August 2005

well my favorite Disney character Donald Duck here in his first official show!. in this show we got to meet daisy(Donna) for the first time and that daisy is better then the real Daisy. and well I'm from Iceland and im only 13 so my English ain't that great. I went to vacation to Spain and bought the Tresures Donald and was very happy that i found it.

I think that Donald and Goofy are much more funnier Then Mickey he is not so good even though he is the first Disney character.

that is at least what i think, And Srooge Mcduck is a very good character too and the Ducktales show boy that was good. But Donald Duck is always numero uno! This was a great cartoon showing when Donald met Daisy.