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Wonderful, 1 January 2011

I won't drag on too much about the stars that began their careers on this show, we all know about that already. But I was absolutely thrilled to finally get a chance to watch this show all the way through on DVD.

I'd been looking for it for some time, knowing that Paul Feig and Judd Apatow had collaborated on a TV show that aired in 1999. Then I heard who was in it, the obvious names like Jason Segel, James Franco, and Seth Rogen. That was more than enough information along with zero negative feedback to make me entirely interested in this show. But when I finally got it, I was blown away, mostly, by the character's that I hadn't even bought the show for.

I loved all of the little moments in the show. They're fleeting moments between people that normally are forgotten, and this show includes those moments and causes you to recognize how related to each other people can be whether or not they know it. Certain people act certain ways around certain people, and differently around different people, it's how life is, it's how reflective personalities can be.

The relationship between Sam and his sister is as real as it can be between two people that age. The friendships that have been around and the ones being forged are depicted beautifully. The depth of these kids causes you to love them and root for them in ways that are specific to them. And we've all been there. High school... the pinnacle of pain, and the most influential and experimental time in our lives. When you make a show about a time when kids are becoming who they'll be for the rest of their lives it needs to be done in a way that allows the viewer to reflect on their own lives and think about what they've become. And that is exactly what this show does, and it does it nearly flawlessly.

I only wish I could have seen more, but what a beautiful eighteen hours of my life this show has given me. Always funny, at times heartbreaking and dare I say powerful. Most of all this show is, nearly to a fault, so achingly and wonderfully real. I'm in their world when I'm watching this show, and that's all you can ever hope for when engaging a television series.

It's a new favorite show of mine. It's truly touched me more than anything I've ever watched. A spectacular, relatable, and happy show. Wonderful.


Black Swan (2010)
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"Perfect", 5 December 2010

I had the opportunity to see Black Swan in one of the 18 theaters that it opened up on this weekend, although I generally do not do so, I was compelled to write a review of the film.

From top to bottom, this film is at the height of what it means to be true art in cinema. The various elements of the film, the mise-en-scene, was so incredibly structured by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky that one need only sit back and admire at the fluidity of his camera movement, or the marvelous hue of colors amidst a film which has it's color scheme largely dedicated to the symbolism of black and white.

The performances where spot on, Vincent Cassel was terrific as the suspicious teacher, whose brilliance and lust for the dancers in his show are both quite reputable, one often beating out the other. And Mila Kunis truly shines in this one, bringing out a side of her many probably didn't know was possible. She is absolutely beautiful and aptly portrays the black contradiction to Natalie Portmans white, a terrific contrast of good and evil. Kunis, however, as many may assume, is not meant to be there to spark a general conflict of good vs evil, but to emphasize the side of Portman that we have not yet seen. A side that will drive her to the brink of insanity to obtain.

And therein lies the true theme of the film, obsession and physical strain over all else. Much like "The Wrestler" we have the main character dedicated to an unappreciated form of physical art. Here, it is Portman's obsession with becoming the lead of the ballet Swan Lake which drives her into madness. You enter her mind as her teacher pushes her to become perfect, pushing her to let go of her fragile White Swan and become the loose and destructive Black Swan. As you follow her through the stages of her audition leading towards a booming finale she becomes less and less aware of what around her is distortion and what is reality. As she loses grip, Aronofsky's ability to depict psychological deterioration shines through.

And make no mistake, this film belongs to Aronofsky and Portman. As stated, Aronofsky captures everything beautifully in frame, his movement of the camera is almost as fluent and beautiful as the very dancers on the screen. His use of behind the head vantage shots has been a bit of a trademark of his, allowing as to see what the character is. And his use of lighting is nothing short of extraordinary. But now comes the true star: Natalie Portman. She blew me away, from start to finish, she displayed her transformation for the sweet girl to the physically and psychologically obsessed, all the way through attempting to embody the white and black swan when necessary, literally trying to become them in her mind, driving her towards insanity in the pursuit of perfection. Words cannot describe Portman's performance here, to say it is Oscar worthy would be a vast understatement, as the depth of her character goes so deep it would nearly be worthy of playing two separate roles. So fragile at time that you fear for her life, and so corrupted at others that you hate her. Acting at it's finest, Portman deserves an Oscar.

All things considered the film is nearly perfect, one of the best dramas I've ever seen, and one that is as iconic and intense as it is horrifying at times. Just to mention a few other things, Winona Ryder, in the small amount of screen time she had, was spectacular, and truly terrifying during particular scenes. And as always, when Aronofsky and Clint Mansell team up, the score is both epic and eerie, somehow simultaneously. The overcasting score of a distorted and intense version of Swan Lake itself brilliantly compliments the atmosphere throughout the film as these two artist have done before. It could nearly work as a silent film, that's how brilliant it is. If you get the opportunity once this film undoubtedly expands to other theaters see it, it's harrowing and at times difficult to watch, but that combination of beauty and horror makes it impossible to turn away.

Avatar (2009)
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Mind blowing experience at the movies, 20 December 2009

Avatar grew in my expectations as its release date got closer and closer. Seeing the trailer at first I thought it would be a cool looking movie but nothing I would see. Then I found out James Cameron directed it and everything in my head changed. Suddenly all of the fantastic reviews came out and come the time I went and saw it my expectations had soared for this film. I am glad to say, I was not let down.

The story is a bit generic and the script is filled with some of Cameron's trademark corny-ness, but that doesn't take away from anything. Though the plot is generic it is still intriguing, and original in its own very special way. The acting was spectacular throughout as well.

As everyone knows however, the main reason for this movie was to push the limit on the world of special effects in Hollywood. Needless to say, Cameron got it done, this film will revolutionize film-making from this stage forth. The effects were stunning, quite simply, unlike anything I had ever seen before. And in 3D it was an even more unique and beautiful experience. Cameron has always been and remains so particular about what goes into his shot, and therefore every shot of every scene is just fantastically visually crafted to make this made up world seem real. It was shocking to see how expansive and how gracefully Cameron's world interacted with the various character's in the story, and it made for a truly one of a kind experience.

This film will mark a turning point in the genre, as most all of Cameron's movies do. I would be stunned if Cameron didn't nab another best director Oscar for this one. See it, it is an experience more than a film, you won't regret it. 9/10.

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Fantastic, by far the best movie of the year so far, 25 August 2009

Inglorious Basterds was hyped as a wild ride gorefest by the legendary Tarentino. QT slipped up a bit with his last few films, but he has created what I believe is his best film since Pulp Fiction. The dialogue is not nearly as cartoon-like as Kill Bill's, it just felt uch more real, but it had that same elegance that all Tarentino films are suppose to have. And that is what makes this film, it is as elegant as it is brutal.

The opening scene was one of the most powerful scenes I've ever watched in theaters, it was extremely tense, not so riddled with jokes. The performances were all fantastic, down to the smallest characters. Of course the big name here is Brad Pitt, and he truly delivers a great performance, funny, and exciting. Eli Roth surprised me in this one, giving a good performance as the Boston native known as the Bear Jew. Even the smaller roles, Mike Myers and BJ Novak delivered in what manner they needed to as well.

The highlight is the dialogue, Tarentino truly delivered what I consider to be his most exciting and real dialogue ever. The music was fantastic also, perfect placement, from the very beginning to the end you don't even realize how long you have been in the theater due to the fact that the movie grips you so much.

All and all, what a fantastic movie from QT, he is back and I can't wait for his next on already.

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Whalah! Magic..., 18 July 2008

The perfect film has finally been made. I can not express how much this film has surpassed my most dire expectations.

First off, Christopher Nolan has made four big movies, and three of those four are in the top 250 for a damn good reason. Nolan has somehow managed to create films with the intensity that one wishes to experience in any film labeled as Dark. And The Dark Knight lives up to its themed title and furthermore surpasses it due to the marvelous acting throughout the entire film.

Of course I am going to speak of Heath Ledger but let me hold off and say that every single person played their character to perfection. Gary Oldman is once again the all intensive good guy who you feel for, relate to, empathize with, and he earns the audiences support with another stunningly spectacular performance as Gordon. Replacement Maggie Gyllenhaal enhances the role of Rachel Dawes and takes it to a level that Katie Holmes did not have the capacity to reach. Aaron Eckhart steps in as the biggest surprise of this film and delivers the goods as the guest good guy gone bad as Harvey "Two Faced" Dent. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, what can I say they constantly deliver the goods.

On to the two main men, the men of the hour. Christian Bale returns as Batman, and gives a performance that should not be overshadowed by the truly Oscar Worthy performance of Heath Ledger. Bale's loose cannon stature as Wayne is perfectly contrasted by the hard nosed do good nature of his Dark Knight.

Now to the Oscar contender. And I say this, not because of the buzz, but because I saw the film, I am not one to be biased based on sympathy for the man, but I have never been more wrapped up in a character as I was with Heath Ledger's portrayal of the comically insane Joker. His opening scene with the mafia shows it all, you see his talent through the pencil trick, you see his humor and wit through his eerie speech, and you see his insanity. At the same time, you feel sorry for the Joker, who repeatedly, and sternly denies that he is insane. When he is called a freak, a loon, his seriousness in saying "No...I'm...not...I am not." Is frighteningly discomforting. Such terminology can describe Ledger's stellar final performance, completely and utterly... frighteningly discomforting, and darkly humorous.

From the pencil to the end, the Joker, along with all of these characters, will keep you wanting more. I can honestly say I did not want it to end, this is literally the best movie I have ever seen, there is no doubt in my mind, and it deserves its high spot in the top 250.

By the way, if you have not yet seen the movie, it should be up for more than one Oscar, easily could be a Best Picture contender in my mind, Best editing, Score, Sound, Effects, Director, Screenplay, Makeup... of course Ledger will probably be up for Best Supporting Actor, but this film should receive its high recognition for what it truly is. For it is not only Heat Ledger's final and finest performance, but the entirety of the film makes it one of the greatest cinematic achievements in history. Truly...Magic.

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Bourne to be Bourne, 10 August 2007

After the release of The Bourne Idenity people started referring to the movie as the better Bond, the psychological Die Hard. When the second movie was released Bourne became an international superstar of an action hero who's name is not unknown by many. And now, with the release of the Bourne Ultimatum, it has been confirmed that Matt Damon has taken a name and turned it into an unforgettable phenomenon. The Bourne Ultimatum not only exceeds its predecessors, but it also makes an attempt to be considered the best action movie ever made. Well done on this third time around, they just keep getting better, I hope they continue up with the Bourne Legacy.

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Should go down as the FIRST great PS3 game ever made., 23 January 2007

Resistance: Fall of Man, at the time of the PlayStation3's initial release, was the only reason to by a PS3. This game, being a FPS, brings a different style of play to the table, combining war-zone tactics with futuristic weapons so that gamers can find more exciting ways to defeat certain parts of the game. The game difficulty seems to digress as you get used to each new weapon or ability. But it is certainly no walk in the park. You won't be able to beat the game in one day either, because it is a very long game, which is just what the PS3 was made to withstand. The story is intriguing. It takes you to a time when the world of man is completely encapsulated in an apocalyptic scene. There seems to be no hope with the dawning of this new species of alien-like creatures who are really humans transformed by a quick spreading virus that soon covers the continents of Asia and Europe. You fight as Nathan Hale, an American soldier sent to Britain to help the British make a final stand. After finding out that Hale has a natural "resistance" to the virus, many begin to believe he is man's last hope.

This fictional account of the apocalypse is unlike any other in that it does not take place in the future, but in the past, in the year 1954, between the ages of WWII, and the Cold War.

Though this I'm sure will not be the best PS3 title ever made, it is certainly the best that is available now, and should, without a doubt go down as the first great game ever made for the counsel. Resistance: Fall of Man get an 8 out of 10 from me. Well done Sony.

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Terrific sequel, 9 July 2006

In my eyes the third best Disney movie ever created only to Miracle and its predecessor The Curse of the Black Pearl. It's hard to make a sequel worthy of such an extraordinary work of art as the original "Pirates" was. However this movie more than does it. Everything about this movie is incredibly done. And I believe that if it were not in fact, a sequel, it would be considered even better. But don't look at this movie as a sequel, it's not really much of a follow up on the first movie except for some famous lines taken from it and a couple of cameos and familiar names that show up but I won't ruin any of the surprises. As always in this movie you never know where allegiance lies, that is why both movie will be a success.

If there were any mistakes in this movie it was trying to make Orlando Bloom funny. It's not the writers' fault, he's just not funny. He does a good acting job other than that, he becomes a bit more like a pirate as well which is good to see. Kiera Knightly is stunning and delivers the goods as usual. Her character develops more into someone who takes charge as you will see in this movie if you haven't already seen it. You'll be surprised at the incredible effect she has on this movie. And as always Mr. Depp delivers and this time he delivers coming back as the witty, drunken, ladies man, pirate, yet courageous good man Jack Sparrow. The character is a gem of a character that has never been matched before in any other movie ever created. The other thing about this movie that may anger some is you'll wish there was more of a resolved plot, it's a bit sketchy but pay attention, and it'll all make sense. The reason the plot is unresolved is because the movie is a complete set-up for the third movie.

All in all, this movie is terrific, go see it. 9/10

Click (2006)
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Fantastic in so many ways..., 26 June 2006

This is a movie that is unlike any other Adam Sandler movie you will ever see. Not only is it funny, but it is something to learn from. This movie, unlike many of Sandler's, delivers a powerful message about loving the simpler things in life. The movie starts off a bit slow, but quickly picks up once you get into it. The movie is very funny, most of the situations and jokes you can very easily laugh at. Towards the end you start to see what skipping the bad things in life can really make you miss. The movie will make people realize that the bad times are worth living through because good times lie ahead. If you don't pay attention to the little things you love in life, like a daughter, or a son, or a beautiful wife, things some people take for granted, you may lose them. It makes you understand that so many people don't realize what they have until it's gone and "Click" drove this message into your head with it's almost tragic ending.

As for performances, as always, Beckensale is stunning, and delivers a good performance for the given character. Every age of son/daughter of Sandler's character Newman gives a good performance (especially his son at an older age). Walken is a little bit creepy, I've never found him to be too good of an actor, but I suppose he plays the part well. As for Sandler, surprisingly, his performance was the best in the movie, along with the Fonz...This is Sandler's best performance (along with Punch Drunk Love). He comes at the audience surprisingly, delivering the goods in his comedic, and stunningly heart-wrenching performance in "Click".

See this movie, you will be changed.


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This movie had such an opportunity..., 27 May 2006

This movie had a great opportunity to be a dark, sorrowful movie that would have left fans and audiences stunned. But no, because Singer left and Ratner took over, you can just tell the difference in directing styles. Plus the screenplay was terrible. David Hayter should have never left as screenwriter, that also did a number on the film. This movie has a lot of death in it. And for a movie with so much death, there were just too many "trying-to-be-funny" moments. Maybe trying to lighten the mood and make the mood not too serious or something. But who knows what Ratner was thinking. The movies previous to this were incredible and really had a serious, personal turmoil edge to it. This film focused on the turmoil of all mutants, and honestly, there are far to many of them to think about to feel bad for any of the ones that died. Even the important ones. I tried to feel bad. I wanted to feel bad. But I couldn't feel bad because of the terrible surroundings of the movie. Had all this death occurred in one or two, forget it, everyone would be stunned. Not here. Also the movie was all packed into a short 1 hr. 40 mins. If it'd been longer, maybe it would have been better.

The positives are that the action sequences really are very cool. The final fight was great and one of the best scenes in any of the three movies. Storm has a more prominent role in this one. And again the main focus is on Wolverine.

I think (POSSIBLE SPOILER) that many of the characters were not fittingly thrown out of this movie (ie Cyclops Xavior Mystique especially...) but you'll see what happens and get to decide for yourself. You didn't get into the characters as much as you did the first two installments, this film had the opportunity to be a dark, gloomy, action thriller that left audiences stunned, but wound up an unsatisfying, unfinished, and ultimately a disappointing wannabe film.


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