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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Lite, 20 May 2016

The best way to describe this Shane Black film is to call it "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Lite." It's dark and interesting in a completely quirky way but I found it to be less charming than KKBB. The dark humor is about the same and it often works quite well. Russell Crowe is exceptional and Gosling works well enough. They do have the chemistry required to pull off Shane Black material. The pleasant surprise was the daughter character. She added much needed heart and motivation for both leads to become somewhat better men.

Overall enjoyable and I'm rounding my rating up based on expectations. I expected a truly great film and left the theatre somewhat unimpressed but that's my flaw so setting my sights so high and not a fault of the film itself.

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a GREAT film and everything an adventure movie should be!, 13 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War is everything an adventure movie should be, and more. It's the best film in any comic book movie universe.

What I liked is that there's a serious subtext to the story and it leaps out of the very first moments of the film. The movie gets just about everything right. The plot and shades of gray give much to chew on and think about. This installment perfectly picks up where we left Steve and his new team after Avengers Age of Ultron. It also follows up with Tony Stark perfectly. Yet, you need not even have seen any of those other films to enjoy this one even though it greatly adds depth to the overall story. Another huge strength is the casting. Evans again finds his pathos and his chops in this film. Robert Downey Jr. certainly has the acting chops to hang with anyone and he is again shear perfection as Tony Stark. Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther is no one dimensional character even though it easily could have been. This may also be Spider-Man's best turn on screen that we've seen and young Tom Holland is great. Sebastian Stan is again spooky perfection. Scarlett Johansson is AGAIN every bit the wise yet sexy female mainstay and a match for any male on screen. Emily Van Camp and Elizabeth Olson are smaller supporting characters but they simply shine with strength and depth. Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson certainly adds to the casting perfection. Every interaction and relationship works well and is certainly one of the many highlights of this remarkable film.

Again, this movie gets everything that matters right.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is absolutely incredible. Best action, Great Story!, 3 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why this film is so great...

The main relationship centers on Cap's internal struggles, though Cap's relationships with Sam Wilson/Falcon and Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow are also important. Cap and Fury's relationship is as tense as it was at the end of The Avengers.

A core theme surrounding Cap is the idea that he once used to represent America and has now become alien to modern thoughts and values due to the passage of time.

The camaraderie between the Falcon and Captain America is built on a shared military experience.

This movie stands on its own, but it certainly respects its roots in the origin film.

The film is really grounded in a believable world that supports the political thriller aspect, and it's helped by the caliber of the cast involved.

Seeing this level of emotional stakes of this hero's journey is rare.

The fighting is very visceral and believable.

The Winter Soldier is a negative image of Steve Rogers.

I like that he wears his heart on his sleeve. I find it endearing especially in today's world to have a character who doesn't hide anything and tells the truth and sees truth as an important component to being a human being. This movie puts him through a lot.

Captain America Winter Soldier was every bit as awesome as I thought it'd be! Amazing!

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'The Monuments MEH' Indeed. Very Mediocre., 7 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The reviews that I glanced at labeling this "The Monuments MEH" are right on the money. This is a sterile and mediocre effort all the way around. The absolutely superb cast was completely wasted by clumsy writing at even turn. Nothing meshed well and just about every scene fell flat and felt disjointed. There are a few nice scenes (Clooney's first cigarette and Bill Murray's record from home) but those moments are far and few between and, again, felt piecemeal. To me, it seems like they wasted a terrific concept and a stellar cast and missed a golden opportunity to create art themselves.

Honestly, change the cast out and this endeavor would hit lower than a made for TV movie that's easily forgotten. I can see why the studio moved it from December and dumped it in February.

Don Jon (2013)
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Just Awful, 9 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thank you Hollywood. Without this film, I never would have guessed that sex is better when real emotion is attached to it. Groan.

This movie is a repetitive mess centering on two people that you never care for nor did I care what happens to them. Everyone is a caricature from Tony Danza's father character to the mindless mother to the lead's friends. The movie gets major points for showing Scarlett Johansson being dry-humped but honestly, there's not much else titillating or exciting about the film. That may be the exact intention. Showing the consequences to porn addiction and its pitfalls but this movie is too much of a mess to land on a particular point or even care if they do.

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The gravitas and intensity of this movie is off the charts!, 3 August 2013

The gravitas and intensity of this movie is off the charts. Anyone that says otherwise is lying. Everyone seems to acknowledge that this movie's action is amazing. Let's not forget about this cast though. They really deliver. Sure the depth and lead up are complex and enjoyable but does get any better then the final showdown and conclusion?

Critics are saying that this may be the year's best superhero movie because, for a sufficient amount of time, it doesn't feel like a superhero movie at all. While true, it DOES feel like a good comic book. They took what works from the books (intelligent grit, grounded fantasical elements and a flawed, textured anti-hero) and made it sing in this film.

I truly enjoyed this movie.

Goon (2011)
Better than most... man, do I miss Bob Probert and fighting in the NHL!, 3 April 2012

Maybe it's the fond memories of when hockey used to really be like this but I enjoyed this effort quite a bit. (Although, that's FAR more swearing then I'd like to hear in peacetime. This movie has to be the f-bomb champion of the year) Sure there are Hollywood liberties taken but nothing that's too much to overlook or for the story to overcome. It's certainly not a complex story or character but that's part of its charm. It's a story about a hockey enforcer that's a bit of a simpleton and knows it. It's based on the true life of minor leaguer Doug Brown but has to be loosely based. I know nothing of him but I'm wondering if Liev Schreiber's character is loosely based on Marty McSorley? Whatever the case, this movie works better than most sports tales and very worthwhile to watch if you're a fan of the old days in hockey. Man, I miss Bob Probert...

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Fun Film. So close to greatness but final act falls a bit short, 7 November 2011

As this film set up, I really thought it was going to be an all-time classic. I loved the concept and character set up so very much. The conclusion of the film itself hits far lower then anticipated but still delivered enough fun and excitement to make it a worthwhile effort. The plot turns silly and I'm not sure what the characters were actually thinking but maybe that's the point. No one involved with the heist has any expertise and the over-the-top action is what results. Eddie Murphy is great but the size of his roll has been over-inflated. Besides a few three second scenes, he doesn't even show up until halfway through the film. It's Stiller's movie through and through and he does deliver a fun film that was headed to instant classic levels but ran short of smarts when it counted most.

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genuinely likable and far better than I was expecting, 12 August 2011

Both Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake do fine jobs and their chemistry and timing carries the movie. Their back and forth banter is delightful and both of their characters are genuinely likable. We all know where the plot is heading but somehow they manage to deliver an intelligent and fresh take on the concept. Unlike so many of these type of films and comedies, both leads feel real and are normal people. The supporting cast is great except for Woody Harrelson's character who literally can't go 2 seconds without remind everyone he's gay and/or being obnoxious to the max. Overall, this is a surprisingly strong effort with heart. Plus, Mila sexes up the screen in the most pleasant of ways even though there is no nudity.

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A Fun Ride That's Worthy of All The Praise! Bring On The Avengers!, 10 August 2011

Captain America is a very very good film. I firmly believe that this character is the very toughest to bring to life in the Marvel stable simply because of his complexity. They did a fairly nice job keeping it simple but remembering to do so with heart. The film features a nice pace, the perfect cast and wonderful throwback action sequences. It does have its flaws but not enough to sink the film by any means. Overall, it's a fun ride that respectfully delivers a movie worthy of the legend and sets up for what could be amazing sequels and what will be an awesome Avengers film.

The Good

The cast is remarkable and every single character played to perfection.

Tommy Lee Jones simply stole every scene he was in and his character had the audience in the palm of his hand. Best audience reactions throughout the entire film.

Cap's wartime real costume, look and shield work is amazing. It's right out of the books. The same can be said of the Red Skull's look.

The brutality was not only welcome but needed. It grounded the film and made everything play out in a more real world tone with real consequences. The body count in this film is surprisingly high.

The film had true heart because they made Steve relatable and you instantly rooted for him and wanted to follow his path to glory. The pre-serum 98lb weakling Steve is not only an amazing CGI feat but perfectly hooks the audience.

A story featuring a true hero is so refreshing at this point. No dark brooding and moody anti-hero here…

The story itself is told with a very nice pace and in a crisp manner. Nothing drags at all.

The dialogue is witty and the humor works its way seamlessly in to the natural order of the story.

The tone and period work is dead on perfect. I loved the flavor of this film when the focus was not on anything Hydra.

The Bad

I really wish they had stayed entirely Nazi and left the Hydra element out, laser guns and all.

Having no "learning curve" hurt the overall film as well. What always works in origin films is having the hero learn and come to grips with his new powers or abilities. Iron Man and Spider-Man are prime perfect examples. I enjoyed Steve's initial use of powers because circumstances demanded it but they never showed him training or learning combat techniques at all. That's a terrible oversight, especially since the character is known as the world's greatest hand to hand fighter in terms of the Marvel Universe.

I would've liked to have seen more background on Steve as a character... growing up without a father and mother during the Depression era and the building of his ethical and moral code.

Overall: A great film that is one of the year's best and oh so close to being perfection. Wonderful job by all involved.

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