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It (2017/I)
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It was a good movie. Well worth seeing., 18 September 2017

It was well acted, and had a lot of creepy scenes. THe guy playing the clown (Bill Skarsgard) was creepier than the one in the mini-series (Tim Curry). I enjoyed the comedy and the chemistry between all the leads. However, I read the book as well, and thought that some other scenes from the novel were cut that shouldn't have been. I believe the movie could've been scarier, and maybe the second half will be, since it will involve the kids as adults. I give it and 8 out of 10. By the way, I did enjoy the mini-series as well, but it wasn't as good as this movie.

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John Wick is good., 4 March 2017

I enjoyed the first John Wick, and I enjoyed this one just as much. It more detailed with some world building not seen as much in the first film, which introduced us to this character. THe violence is more graphic. It's like an onslaught that starts from the beginning and never lets up. THis is larger, grittier, and badder, and all in a good way. Keanu Reeves plays his part just as he should, and lo to anybody that gets in his way. THis film is intense, with action scenes that seem more realistic than some of the CGI that takes over other action films. Recommended.

Logan (2017)
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Violent dark movie, but good. Not for children under 17, 4 March 2017

I enjoyed this movie. It is an extremely different change from the other X-men movies with it R rating. It is a very gory, with some pretty harsh language thrown in. THis is not a feel good film, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The acting was top notch, and the characters were handled well. THis movie was more like a western then a super hero movie. THe tonal change is surprising, but it was a fitting end to Hugh Jackman's run as Wolverine. BOth him and Patrick Stewart were exceptional in their roles. I recommend it.

Absentia (2011/I)
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Creepy and unforgettable movie, 29 September 2014

THis was a surprising little horror film. Made for about 20,000 or so, it has more of a creep factor then many of the blood and guts horror movies that have been released in recent years. THis movie has no gore, but it was utterly terrifying in its own right, leaving most of the terror to the viewers imagination, and those films are always the best. Mike Flanagan, who later would direct Occulus, another good movie, is very good here.

Seven years ago Tricia's husband disappeared without a trace. For seven years she wondered what might have happened to him. With no information or clues to speak of, she has finally decided to move on with her life and declare him dead in absentia. Her sister Callie has come back home to help her cope with what she has to do.

As the two help one another, Tricia still continues to have dreams of her husband and Callie notices some strange and ominous things linked to a tunnel just a block down from where Tricia lives. These all come to a head when Daniel suddenly returns out of nowhere claiming to have been taken by an ancient force that is linked to the tunnel. It is not long after this that things go from bad to worse as Callie researches more on the tunnel and discovers that there have been many other mysterious disappearances, all of which are linked to the tunnel. I can not say anymore without spoiling the story. I will say that what happens makes for one of the most unforgettable horror movies of all time.

The acting by both Katie Parker (Callie) and Courtney Bell (Tricia) is awkward in the first few minutes, but improves greatly as the movie goes on. You start to care about these characters and their plight. Even the minor characters David Levine (Detective Mallory) and Morgan Peter Brown (Daniel) are good.

The movie was a little slow and seemed to drag. That might've had to do more with budget constraints then anything, but the payoff is a whopper. I recommend it.

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Total disappointment, 10 March 2012

John Carter is looking as if it will be another overblown mess of a movie. The budget was outrageous and somebody at Disney will probably lose their job over this. The characters were all shallow with no real substance and for a movie that cost 250 million to make, I wonder where all the money went because the special effects weren't that great either.

The story follows confederate soldier John Carter who finds a cave of gold and something else unexpected. It is a medallion which transports him from Earth to Mars where he faces off against many monstrous creatures and discovers a princess who's kingdom needs saving. Since he is from earth where gravity is stronger than that of Mars, he is able to leap very high and very far and is also endowed with superhuman strength which works on occasion, that being when it is only necessary for the plot.

I could not get in to this story and I could not get into the characters. THis was a dull boring movie. It may not be the worse film I've ever seen, but I expect more from Disney. THis was worse than the last Pirates of The Carribbean movie, and that's saying something. Not recommended.

Chronicle (2012)
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Well Done movie, 3 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What would happen if teenagers in real life gain superpowers. The new movie Chronicle, with a clever script by Max Landis, and smart direction by Josh Trank, answers that question.

Andrew (Dane Dahaan) is a troubled youth who one day decides to videotape everything that happens in his life. His father is a violent drunk, and his mother is very sick and bedridden, and he is an outcast in school who is often bullied. Using the camera as a sort of shield to hide behind all this sadness, him and his cousin Matt, (Alex Russell) with the persuasion of class president Steve (Michael B. Jordan) find a hole in the ground in the woods. THey go down and investigate and find something strange and alien.

A few days pass, and the three boys soon discover that their excursion into the hole with the glowing alien object has somehow granted them superpowers. The thing in the hole is never really explained, and neither is how they gain these abilities, but an explanation is not needed. Once again the secrets of how and why are left to the imagination, and that is probably best.

Instead of using their powers to go and fight crime, like the heroes in comic books like X- Men or Spider Man, the three friends use them to do what most teenagers would do if they had powers, by playing games and pulling pranks. Quite a few of the pranks are clever, and one of the best scenes in the movie deals with a magic show, which helps to make Andrew popular for a little while before things start to turn dark in the second half. I won't go into details on what happens, but if you've seen the trailers, you'll know that one of them turns dark, and the other two have to pull together to try and stop him from going over the edge.

The climax is a pretty good special effects wonder for the budget this movie was given. It does tend to go way over top, and will make people wonder how human beings can take such punishment, but I was still drawn in mainly because of the three main leads who are perfect in this film.

Overall, the first part of this movie up until the magic show is the best half. The second half is also good, but the realistic feel of the movie goes a little haywire. Still, I enjoyed this movie and recommend it. I think it will be a surprise sleeper hit.

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A bit cliché, but still somewhat entertaining, 20 June 2011

I've always been a fan of werewolves, and I decided to watch this to see what it was like. I already knew it would be a lot like Twilight, but what makes this better is some of the dialoque and better acting. If this is to improve and become a better show though, they need to surprise us with different things and do away with the usual clichés. Right now it is too much like Twilight, and everything that happens is obvious. I kind of know what 's going to happen before it does, and that takes away suspense. Compared to the 1985 movie starring Michael J Fox, this is less comedic and edgier as it should be, because the old Teen Wolf, if done the way that movie was, would not work in this day and age. I applaud the actors, and the two biggest standouts are definitely Scotts best friend Stiles and Allison, the girl who plays his love interest.

Priest (2011)
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Boring dull movie, 16 May 2011

I saw Priest, and now I understand why it failed at the box office. The characters are boring, the action isn't much better, the scares are lame, and even the special effects seem cheesy. I was so disappointed in this movie, and after seeing Fast Five and Thor and liking both, I must say that I really didn't like this movie at all. It just seems lifeless. That's too bad, since I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. My recommendation for Priest is not to waste your time and money. I am sure there will be many other movies more worth your time and money. Hopefully when Pirates of the Caribbean opens up next week, it will be more along the lines of Fast Five and Thor.

Skyline (2010)
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Good Special Effects and some action but little else and a ridiculous ending, 17 November 2010

Skyline is another one of those movies where the previews made it better than what it really is. The acting is sub par and the storyline and plot are nothing but a bunch of chase scenes as the heroes try to escape an extraterrestrial invasion. I will say that the special effects were good, which would've managed to give it at least a 5 rating from me if not for the WTH ending. Over all, I'll give it a 4. I've have seen worse, but I've also seen a lot better. None of the characters have the charisma of a Will Smith or Jeff Goldblum, who both made Independence Day a much better film then it would've been without them. Even the supporting characters in Ind. D were quite interesting, but none of that exists in Skyline. Sorry, but I cannot recommend this movie.

Suspiria (1977)
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Disturbing movie and one really nasty death scene, 9 November 2010

I noticed that Suspiria is listed on a lot of horror movies top lists so I decided to buy it. I wasn't disappointed.

For a horror movie coming from 1977, Suspiria is a rather violent movie with one death scene in particular that could probably stand alongside the shower scene in Psycho as one of the best ever. However, it is not the violence alone that makes this movie work. Much of what makes this movie so disturbing is Dario Argento's use of color and different sound effects which keep you on edge throughout. He sort of makes it an art form, and that in itself is strange.

The acting wasn't much to talk about, but I wouldn't say it's terrible either. In fact, a lot of it probably had to do with dubbing upon release in America.

The entire movie left me unsettled throughout, and like I said, much of that had to deal with the color and sound. The death scenes, when they do come, are not forgotten, especially that one scene mentioned above which I will not spoil for anyone who wants to watch it.

This is not a great movie, but its one that will be remembered once watched.

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