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The Rain (2007)
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quote "memories are the treasure of tears", 20 November 2011

a young couple, a homosexual couple and a couple in their mid 40's.... what are the similarly they've got? the answer is "love and insecure" the use of rain is very powerful, as it gives some forms of nostalgia......yet a reality of actual past experience, like the quote from the movie " memories are the treasure of tears" that is something really beautiful. poetic and beautifully thinking through.

making love is a beautiful thing,you saw a young couple who first experience the sensation of love....the physical lust that body trying to screaming out. the power of touch, the sense of wanting to become as one.

dance is a way that artist can use their body to demonstrate their lust, they show their true naked true-self selflessly trying to be part of one another.

yet all the couples still demonstrate a sense of insecurity in giving all.

We all been in love and we all have been hurt by love, that is why we all worry about if we gave too much.... yet we also worry if we ain't giving enough.

have you been in love? have you ever think of that moment you and her making love? have you ever think of the moment when your heart is pounding and felt betrayed? have you ever felt he/she is the only one? the rain demonstrate the meaning of love with its dance performance.

Deja Vu (2006)
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after thoughts about terrorism 911, 27 November 2007

Dejavu Dejavu,,,,,D...E....J....A.....V.....U............

I love this movie...however just hoping if it could be another 20 minutes longer that enable to show us what happen to 4 days after wards....if it did...there would be much appreciation and understanding by some peoples stiff mind set of whether denzil died in 4 days later or not.

this IS AN EXCELLENT MOVIE, ONCE AGAIN DENZIL GREAT JOB...The movie gives the audience of sense of time since it was an act of terror ( bombing) since 911 we all have an idea of what if we can go back in time....if this was real...can we stop the terrorist attack...? i wonder how many time has people change their life by seeing the future...if there is actually device such as "snow white" i guess it will be catastrophic disaster for human kind...especially if it is in the hand of george bushhy....

comedy base motive?!, 5 August 2005

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I have just watched GOZILLA- FINAL WAR-, but some how when me and my girl friend watched this, it makes us laugh for almost the whole night. apart from some old school style tank modeling,,,that is really out of date...there is 1 scene...."baby Godzilla sitting in the car, WEARING a SEATBELT.LOL,,,how the hell would a Godzilla know what seat-belt is and actually click the seat" I guess that must be some sort of Japanese education style of teaching kids, SEATBELT IS important even GOZILLA wears them lol.....and talk about the quality of baby Godzilla....i can be sure the costume was made with low quality fabrics that every part of the joints fill with wrinkles.

The movie brings me back with a lot of childhood memory as I was the ULTRAMAN generation kids and power rangers. and since my last Godzilla movie was nearly 15years ago, this 2004 version brings a lot of nostalgic feeling of the big bad GOZILLA still exist.

Personally I do hope the fight scene between monsters can be carry out longer, especially when it fight with American GOZILLA....perhaps, Japanese film maker try to influence the thought that ONLY Japanese original GOZILLA are the REAL and most strongest GOZILLA exist.

Anywayz,I Think this is a fun and enjoyable film to watch especially if you have kids, everyone LOVES GOZILLA....that is by far a Fact.

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Destruction of Temple of Golden Pavilion, 13 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The story revolve around a teenage name Mizoguchi, Ever since his father explain the beauty of the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, the surreal ideology of beauty was convey to it. After his father died from Tabeculocus he was then accept by the Monk priest Tayama who was the guardian of the Temple of Gold Pavilion.

When Mizoguchi first saw the golden pavilion, the beauty does not strike him, instead it grow much stronger inside his soul. it was like as if hearing part of the script of melody, the whole ongs will rise naturally. such as the actual image of the golden pavilion one can see the whole temple just by a glips of thought.

The Character Mizoguchi suffers from Stutter, which everyone laugh at him, this sickness makes him feel selfpitty and autism from others, it makes him thinks no one understand his true feeling of how he perceive about life, event or even the temple of golden pavilion.

Until One day he met one of the young monk Tsurukawa, who also are resident in the temple of golden pavilion. Tsurukawa, does not laugh or abuse on Mizoguchi's stutter. Mizoguchi treat him as his only friend who was like the alchemy for him who understand his inner soul.

unfortunately, Tsurukawa suicide year after, as he was suffer from pain of love. This tragic event makes Mizoguchi isolated from others as he reject from realizing the reality of the matter, he now devote his emotion, desire and love towards the unbreakable beauty of Temple OF Golden Pavilion.

after graduate from high school, Father Tayama, offer him to attend nearby college, he met a cripple student named Kashiwagi, due to his crippleness Mizoguchi felt comfortable by being with him. The ability Kashiwagi make beautiful girls fall in love makes mizoguchi self pity.

One day, Kashiwagi introduce girls to mizoguchi, when he starting to have intimate moment with girls, the image of the temple of golden Pavilion appear.

He can no longer taking the concept of image of temple of Golden Pavilion as he realize he have convey the idea of beauty with temple itself, this brainwash ideology makes Mizoguchi frustrated, he decide to burn down the temple of Golden pavilion.this is because the temple of golden pavilion is not mealy an building it has already become his symbol of his life, a reflection of human darkness, an symbol of purity. by burning it down, it symbolize the destruction of human darkness, as it will no longer reflect upon.

In the Mishio's (the original writer) world, he believes, beauty does not exist in eternally, only when something is in a state of sense of destruction, beauty derive within.hence, beauty within our heart and human's existence is limited, therefore, there shall be no reason for an eternal beauty, if eternal beauty do exists, then there should be a questioning with idea of perfect life. like in the movie, when Mizoguchi saw the temple of golden pavilion, he realize his life is no longer perfect, but after he hear the bombing of near by war, he then realize the temple of golden pavilion is fragile as him, that there is chance the temple itself will be burn into flame of war.

In the ancient history,great buildings are not made for human, but for god and for the dead, we can see this ideology from ancient pyramid, Greek god-est palace, if the temple of golden pavilion was not initially belong to the human , then the true meaning of "beauty" is beyond our human expression.

Ugetsu (1953)
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the traditional Japanese ghost film~~~, 9 June 2005

In Japan, due to its Buddhism and Shinto culture, the term Ghost is an description for evil of the spirits world. and the idea of spirits which dispatch from its physical body are describe as phamton. from the difference associate with these 2 terms we can understand that even in spirits there is description for the good and bad spirits. this is similar to the Chinese mythology for ghost. even if the spirits was wrongly accused, and coming back to human world for its revenge, this is still consider as an spirits rather than ghost, as it has its positive of motive and would not harm people who is not associate with his death. since spirits normally does not appear in the human world, and its appearance often associate with unfinished matter or grudge. which is the main characteristic for most of the Japanese film.

the most impressive Japanese ghost story is Ugetsu monogatari(1953), it was base on the novel with the same title. we can analysis the idea of Japanese ghost film via 2 aspect of the film.

Firstly, while Genjuro was selling pottery in the market, he was been order by Lady Wakasa and its nurse maid to send the good to their mansion personally, which was the starting point of ghostly love relationship.

By the hand of prestige cinema photographer, Kuzo Miyagawa, the mystic atmosphere, the trembling music of sanmise, the ghostly voice of men grudging, gives the mansion an appeal of a haunted mansion. The use of top view camera technique with the character Noh play like appeal,gives the scene much more mysterious, secluded, ghostly, euphoria aspect of the fantasy world. which above all explores the art of Japanese traditional beauty.although it is an black and white film, but Kuzo Miyagawa create an color of bewitch ghostly character on Lady Wakasa.

The very motive for the existence of Lady wakasa was to have a taste of love, as she was kill before she can understand what love is, after resurrect by the nursemaid, she have become and spirits that looking for the ideal man to love. that is why she put a spell on Genjuro. to love not to hurt.

The second aspect for Genjuro associate with spirits was at the end part of the movie, while He push open the cripple door of his home, he saw an empty house, yet after the camera return an image of the room, Miyagi, Genjuro's wife appear, who was setting beside the stove alone tailoring clothes, and waiting for his husband to eat and change into comfy kimono, Genjuro feel extremely tire after all the events therefore he quickly falls asleep, next morning, when the villager master realize he is return went into his home and explain the tragic of her wife. and the disappearance of his son, coincidentally, his son returns in the very moment.

The movie finish with a long shot as the kid playing beside his mothers grave while Genjuro praying, which symbolize Miyagi has finally saw the father and son reunited and now he is able to rest in peace, and fly to heaven.

The movie demonstrate the childish, stubbornness and foolishness of male. yet it purify the females character as loving and sincere, which demonstrate no scary or horrifying intention to the viewer when associate with ghost. infect we associate with the idea of gentleness, shyness of its character. the eternal serenity towards the love one can only be associate with ghostly figure in a time transcend world.