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The Littlest Hobo: Silent Witness (1979)
Season 1, Episode 6
Psychological torture from the Hobo
17 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I really was a little shocked at Hobo's tactics in this one. Usually he is all about the helping; this episode seemed more like a quest for vengeance or justice.

The drunk driver is confronted by Hobo in several ways: 1. Hobo brings the hat of the woman he hit to his front door, and rings the doorbell to show him.. that would freak anyone out! 2. Hobo continues to circle his house, freaking out the drunk driver so much, he not only fires his rifle at the dog, but tries to poison him ! 3. Hobo knocks the drunk drivers bulldozer into gear at his workplace, causing some destruction... again, that's a pretty radical action for the Hobo 4. Hobo hides in the back of the drunk drivers truck bed, and when he pops up, causes the drunk to get in another car accident...

So, to summarize, Hobo brings the hat of the woman he believes he has killed right to his door, incites him to fire his rifle angrily in a busy residential neighbourhood, sends his bulldozer on a path of destruction, and instigates another car accident.

This episode could totally be re-made as a revenge movie
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Pretty cheesy, fairly funny
14 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw the sneak preview. I won some passes, so I figured "What the heck".

So, like the title says, it is a pretty cheesy movie, even more so then most PG-13 horror movies. However, it is pretty enjoyable, provided you like that sort of thing.

Lots of one-liners. Lots of teenage jumble words, "newspeak", or whatever you want to call it... I was close to finding it annoying, but it was usually pretty funny.

No Megan Fox frontal nudity, as far as I saw, there is a girl-girl scene, but it is pretty much just what you see in the trailer or commercials.

The band, "Low Shoulder" are annoying. Really annoying. Then they exacerbate matters by playing their song throughout the movie at several parts. Ironically enough, I also won a copy of the soundtrack, which has that wretched song. Sigh.

All in all, though, if you are a fan of cheesy movies, a teenager, or a Megan Fox fan, you will probably like this one.
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The Littlest Hobo (1979–1985)
It is still being aired on CTV
9 August 2008
It is still being aired on CTV, at least in the Vancouver area.


Saturday, August 16, 2008 7:30 AM Episode: "Snapshot" Hobo helps a young boy (Mark Polley) and his mother to understand each other better.

Saturday, August 23 7:30 AM Episode: "Diamonds are a Dog's Best Friend" An elderly magician (Patrick Macnee) unwittingly assists in a diamond theft and is blamed for the crime.

I also watched it this morning; episode where a guy just gets out of jail... there is a crazy taxi ride, some stolen money, goofy criminals... I was howling.
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