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Fracture (2007)
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Full of plot holes, I Agree, 27 April 2007

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The movie was filled with overacting on Gosling's part. I really like him in general, but he could have passed on this movie. I felt that he and Anthony Hopkins had good chemistry at times, and absolutely none at others. They both have that charming arrogance about them. The soundtrack was also terrible, and I felt that I was watching an episode of Law & Order on TV instead of a movie I paid $12 for. the character development was also poor. Oh, OK, Willy starts to date his new boss, meets the family, has a change of heart and that whole relationship in gone with the wind...much like any other relationship in this movie.

The plot was like swiss cheese, but stank more like Limberger. Crawford admitted that he had hired a private investigator, which would explain how he knew where to find his wife and Nunally (such a generic sounding cop name), and also the "little" facts such as what gun to buy in order to have a replicate. The only thing that I can think of for why he shot the windows is so to scare off the landscapers...just to answer the question. He probably didn't know that Nunally would be the officer on the scene, but I am sure that if he didn't show up, he would have asked for him. And the only reason that I can think of for Crawford pulling his wife's plug, is so that if she did pull through, she would have been able to identify him as the person who shot her...thus convicting Crawford.

wait for the video.