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The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock, 20 May 2008

It was nice reading the other posts, for I too was a huge fan of The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock. Although I was very young, I still remember sitting on a hassock in front of the TV set on Saturday mornings, following the exploits of Wild Bill and, as he was referred to in the intro, "his pal" Jingles. Being so young and it being so long ago, I can't remember any of the plots or anything, but I do remember being 'totally' engrossed with the show. The last poster tweaked my memory about the sponsor too...I seem to remember the intro showing Wild Bill and Jingles zooming across the range on their horses while the Kellogg's sugar pops overlay flashed on the screen. What a thrill! At that time, for me, it just didn't get any better than that!