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movies that are on the list more than once,it just means i saw that movie twice or more and i'm counting it since i still paid to see it seperately,even though it's the same movie.
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well the top 10 is in order but after that it's pretty much random
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shows i watch during the summer schedule
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fall/spring tv schedule,shows that i never miss
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top 10 must see of this hot summer season
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a comedy about a jewish family who find out the tree in their backyard actually grows money and they suddenly become famous and wealthy but other people want the tree including a greedy christian tycoon and a former child star.
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a 2 1/2 hour epic crime comedy about a ex-mob member joseph (johnny depp) who plans on takind down every mob affiliates in new york city with the help of friends and family,resulting in an all out bloody war against every mob members and local crocket cops,ending corruption and crime once and for all.
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