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TR for true love...yes,it does exist, 13 June 2009

Being French,having spent more than 25 years in the USA and UK and mostly with my Brit girl,I can attest,that true love,even if not perfect,does exist...that movie? No smoke without must see it! It is a great comedy-romantic story but strangely,one the the most real feeling of love movie you can see. In these times of supposed to be amazing technologies and sciences,we now see that they have limits. Love? HAs some too but so higher. I lived and live romance thru my wife and am blessed to have two daughters. My point? If ever anybody does not believe in true romance,watch this movie and if your heart does get squeezed,if some tears come up somehow,then you know it is real and trust me it is. So,fun movie? sure True love story? sure. So,when you wish to remind yourself of what romance feels like via a story,see that movie. the soundtrack is amazing too because it wakes up in us that romance is not dead,far from it...

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stuff that wakes up the hero in you!, 26 April 2009

What makes the true quality of a movie is ...did it leave a long lasting positive message in people's mind? This movie did! it is clean fun,got a great adventure but also reminds us that one person can make a difference and not a small one...simple message but true! We must nowadays remind ourselves that when something is good,to take it for what it is and enjoy it,instead of trying to find faults with it. this movie is a must for inspiration because the music alone will make you dream and a sense of noble act will follow...

Enjoy that movie again because at the end of the day,from its music score to the story,it will make you feel empowered for the day for sure! And if I am French and can dig that (I spent more than twelve years in the USA) then I know you will too.

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Just take it for what it is a positive fun cartoon: good,right?, 15 April 2009

Opinions and taste is up to an individual: logic is not.

Having worked in five countries and been around the block...a few times,I know the value of being able to chill out in order to get positive goals done! Dynomutt allows people to relax and it is a no brainer. Good nostalgia cartoons? You bet we need'em in this,sometimes,too serious world being materialistic (and look where that did go since last year). A good laugh is priceless and well needed nowadays.

Anyway,isn't it amazing that this DVD has been redone in 2006 shows,somehow,its popularity: trust me,in business they do not do it because they feel like it. They did it because there is a demand...

Even me,being French dig the coolness of this cartoon.

Take it for what it is: A positive message for kids even adults to be at peace, 12 October 2005

Having worked in five countries for 20 years, from Law to Commerce as well as Army, Firefighting, Body Building etc,,as well as 5 years and an half of Martial Arts especially Karate (creating my own non nonsense self defense moves called "Mato Do"), I can CONFIRM not as an opinion but fact that The Karate Kid Movies are...GOOD.


Good movies that convey a good message become classics. The Karate Kid movies are: they teach you...

To turn your anger into positive action

To value friendship

To make a dream a reality

To learn about forgiveness

My story is UNIQUE: I lived, for the training and relationship of it, a true story of the Karate Kid!

I trained with my Sensei 1 year and an half, one on one each time he did go for it, sharing amazing real techniques and promoting KArate as self defense only, no competition and friendship values as well as the Inyo (Japanese Ying Yang) philosophy.

We trained on the beach, in parks...Amazing. A very rare experience indeed.

Take it for what it is: Movies that will make a better you via KArate. It worked for me!

Au Revoir!


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Just take it for what it is...and the real quality shall shine!, 30 March 2005

Well, having lived in 5 countries, understanding 4 kinds of humors and seen thousands of movies in three lingo, I can say that this movie is a good laugh! And nothing more as it was not created to be more.

John Candy was an amazing guy in comedy because he could bring you from tears to laughs to thinking moments. His legacy is to take a good laugh and make life an easier one by understanding how to use the positivity to have a sense of humor!

I have seen from Uncle Buck to Planes, trains and Automobiles, and John is talented. Even the series CAmp Candy as cartoons for the environment was putting the C in cool. After all, at least he did something about it...Do we?

This movie is a must for a good slapstick and a no brainer: just what you need after a hard day work...