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This is how TV should be..., 12 October 2007

First of all... all the people writing in and saying that this show is awful are full of it. GO watch Sex and the City for your unrealistic nonsense. This show is real and moving. It's not about football. My wife hates football and she is addicted to FNL. It is emotional and has real people. The actors have real accents and they are actually believable. I don't care what anyone says, this is one of the best shows on Television and it wont make it to Christmas. There are a few flaws in it I admit. (Football scenes are great, the camera moving back and forth makes you dizzy sometimes). But the actors have chemistry and the story seems plausible. I just bought the first season for 20 bucks and that was money well spent...

Full Hearts...

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There is only one Will Ferrell, 31 March 2007

I was totally shocked how much I enjoyed this movie. Is it dumb? Yes. Is it stupid? No doubt about it. Is it funny? YES. Will Ferrell carries the movie from start to finish. Doing his Neil Diamond routine from Saturday Night Live, Ferrell had me in stitches from the very start. Jon Heder is not funny and I really don't know why he was cast in this role, besides being as girlie as possible.

Will Arnet and Amy Pholer have a couple of funny parts and Jenna Fishcer from the Office, does do a whole lot besides look cute. Jim Lamply, also has a few laugh out loud moments. The skating routines done by the duet are probably the funniest scenes in the movie. But much like Anchorman, its dumb, it knows its dumb but somehow works.

So if you're a Will Ferrell fan, go see it. If you don't think he is funny, Don't go see it.

Brick (2005)
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Watch with subtitles on, 10 August 2006

I could understand what was going in the plot so I turned on the subtitles and understood everything. In may seem stupid to do, but I really respected the movie and enjoyed it because of it. Very Original and deeply symbolic movie. The whole time I kept thinking, "Holy Crap! Thats the kid from Third Rock from the Sun." Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a really good job as the tough street smart hero of the story. What I really enjoyed was the originality. To make a "Humphrey Bogart" type movie using teen kids seems like a dumb idea but I think the director pulled it off. Heck, there is even cameo's from Shaft and the kid from Witness with Harrison. All around good movie

Crash (2004/I)
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moving, 9 August 2005

"Crash" lets us in to a world where race and pride defines who you are. One of the best of the year. Shocking and perfectly casted (except for Brendan Frasier as the DA of LA).

One standout actor has to be MICHAEL PENA, he was marvelous in this movie. If I could tell you one thing about this movie is Pena's performance was perfect.... He has a great career ahead of him. Sandra Bullock is also really really good as Frasier's wife.

Matt Dillion is good as a bad cop and Ryan Phillipe as his good cop partner does a fine job.

Thadie newton and Terrence Howard are excellent. The best movie about race and culture since Boys and the hood