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Two Words - Totally Under-rated, 22 April 2005

I saw this movie on TV and was pleasantly pleased. It turned out better than what I had expected. The best thing about the movie is the story. Its all about human nature of sorts, About thing that people do and choices they make given the circumstances.

All the actors fit their respective roles. Especially Rhys Ifans as Puff and Patricia Arquette as Lila. But unlike other movies there is never any breakthrough or memorable scene that one might later remember. The whole movie seems to be one single continuous piece but one doesn't realize that until after the movie.

I don't think that this movie also fits any particular genre. Even though it is set as a comedy, all the humor is too suttle to be branded as genuine comedy. I don't know what genre it is, all I know I that is good.

So, If you wouldn't fancy any particular genre of movies but want to watch a movie that will not make sad, angry or too confused about the plot and so on, Watch this.

Enjoyable and Fun., 22 April 2005

This is a very nice movie that seems to be shot on sets combined with a lot of CG effects and background plates. One can hardly tell the difference most of the time. This offers a lot of eye candy and I feel one certainly gets their money's worth.

People's comments about the movie being not as good as the books or the casting as a letdown are just ways of justifying themselves for believing that they can do it better. But, I don't think any movie should be rated by such ways.

If you haven't read the books I think you will be more than satisfied with this movie. Jim Carrey fits the role as "Count Olaf" in this movie. Unlike his other more recent roles where we seem to get Jim Carrey in each and every shot and you totally go crazy, This one seems to have none of that. Even with the numerous roles that Carrey has to play as Count Olaf. The focus clearly seems to be on the Baudelaire Orphans. I liked the fact that each child has a special gift but that gift is not taken overboard and is shown up like a superpower of sorts.

The best part however was the credits which compliments the movie 100%.

On the downside there is no story at all, just 3 little orphans going though a few adventures in the journey called life.

I should have given the movie 8/10 but after seeing the credits had to give it a 9/10.