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The D Word (2005)
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Really terrible, 21 June 2005

I saw this at the SF GLBT Film Fest. It was literally terrible. It was not clever, nor was it really a spoof of the L Word. The acting was annoying, especially from the loud annoying presence of the Dot Parker character, and the dialogue was boring. I do not recommend this film to anyone. It could have been SO funny, given the premise, but it came up incredibly short. They didn't really parody the aspects of the L word that deserved to be parodied, such as the extremely femme nature of supposedly butch characters, nor did they parody the soap opera aspect of the show. They simply copied, but in a dumber and more annoying way, the actual shows of the L word. So, in short, I wasted my 9 dollars in seeing this (and waiting in line for an hour!)