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Halloween's spirit - Christopher Lloyd!, 26 August 2006

Such huge rarity for today's time - film with Christopher Lloyd in a leaging role! With the beginning of a new millennium this great actor all less often and less often gives to us pleasure the game, even more often appears on TV in films which are almost unknown a wide audience. To me has carried, I have seen this film.

In a role come back from that light of the grandfather - zombie it is simply delightful. It always ideally accepted such unusual, little bit devil roles - madwomen, maniacs, envoys of a hell, and, on the contrary, representatives of paradise. In this film Lloyd's by game it is possible to enjoy simply - explosive, bright, comical and touching simultaneously game - a stream of transformations, the rubber mimicry so favourite by admirers, uncontrollable splashes in emotions and mad shine in opinion of. As it is a pity, that such roles come across recently to the actor so seldom and as it is insulting, that the general public cannot see it at cinemas.

Excepting Christopher Lloyd's tremendous game, pluss and minuses of television statements are peculiar to film all - the small budget and economy is visible on everything, and especially on special effects, a make-up, suits, a place of shootings... However, it is possible to consider it simply as reserve - yes, special effects far are not ideal, and the script limps, and game of many children leaves much to be desired, - but all fascinatingly, cheerfully, interestingly and very much in spirit of a Halloween - informidable horrors and a kind fairy tale. Separate thanks for the ending, it has appeared unexpected enough and thus touching. And Christopher Lloyd's statue in the ending as if symbolizes merits of the great actor before cinema. In general, the excellent family comedy to look in its evening before a Halloween - lovely business, and during any other time it is possible to look with pleasure at Christopher Lloyd's game!

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Small break - the hero of cinema!, 22 January 2006

Film " His New Job " was Chaplin's created on a film studio "Essanay" the first film where it has received almost full creative freedom after success Keystone's of comedies where it strongly depend from Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand. Chaplin's art becomes independent, rather distinct from other Hollywood production of those years.

"His New Job " - the first film in which Small the Tramp finds a human face and own destiny is a wanderer, the jobless, unfortunate person, all shifts trying to find work. And it receives it on a film studio where it should suffer mockeries of the director, the partner, to be at war with the personnel and other actors. Certainly, all this is still very far from the present satire and from the best Chaplin's tragicomedies.It still the comedy of tricks full of hilarious fights, jumps, gestures. A comedy using only miracles of a pantomime in which Chaplin already then has reached improbable heights. Chaplin's laughter meanwhile cheerful and carefree - final stages, stages of fight where Chaplin wins all and everything, brightly speak about it, but the first steps by " New times " have been already made.

Faultlessly made comedy of tricks and now can deliver a lot of pleasure and laughter as till now was not in world cinema of the image, able will be compared to image of the Tramp on capacity, dimensions, vitality...

Friday (1995)
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If wish to learn that such a grass, look!, 13 January 2006

Nice a "black" comedy! I even in delight though always, how many myself I remember, could not suffer "black" comedies (it am simple at them humor very original), but this is pleasant exception. Here, unlike other similar comedies, there is no racism, it is few abuse, even and that authors of film have reduced platitude up to an absolute minimum, perhaps, necessary for such comedies. Very unpretentious and even in something instructive film.

Simple guys from black quarter live fast, struggle, as can with local "abrupt", quarrel with parents, get in unpleasant situations, meet girls, try to smoke a grass - all this in current of one day and all very much really. Anything supernatural and especially ridiculous in a picture does not occur, but film amusing, with rude, but pleasant humor, with beautiful girls and very simple plot.All comes to an end, certainly, well, bad guy is beaten, good it leaves with the girl, but not a stamp, it is a natural outcome.

Has very much pleased Chris Tucker, on it practically and all rate of film keeps - Chris lights on full! In role Smokey it is simply brilliant - surprisingly plastic, and, as always, is awfully talkative. Ridiculous such goggle-eyed monkey that you will not tell about sustained and serious Ice Cube which I at all I do not know how the actor and which especial has not shown anything.

Nice film, I shall look it still.

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Fascinating film with Daryl Hannah, 8 January 2006

Practically irreproachable adventure cinema - fascinating, beautiful, improbably effective (and for the beginning 90 years simply event in the world of special effects), places ridiculous, and places the intense show which does not allow to come off the screen. The original and original decision of a problem of Herbert Wells of which I since the childhood have become engrossed in reading, finds the happy decision in John Carpenter's film.

Chevy Chase, to tell the truth, anywhere especially it is not pleasant to me. There are, certainly, at it excellent roles, but it, basically, pure comedies " Three Amigos ", " National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation " and " Nothing But Trouble ". In other genres it either changes, or looks a little unnaturally, as here, for example. It is good, that, observing of special effects and turns of a fascinating plot, game Chevy Chase often simply you do not notice.

And here for the sake of whom it is really possible to look this film, so it for the sake of Daryl Hannah. Here it is delightful, charming, charming, sexual, fine, beautiful, charming, attractive as an angel, however, as well as everywhere. Ms. Daryl Hannah in my list of the most beautiful girls of Hollywood for a long time borrows one of the first places, and each film in whom it plays, it is possible to look only just for the hell of it to see it on the screen! Sam Neill has not so liked. For me it, first of all the positive hero and in a role of the villain is not looked at all...

In general, film is good. For time it is very good, and to our time - it is simply good and interesting. Owing to participation Daryl Hannah it becomes also wonderful!;)

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Returning to sources!, 8 January 2006

Successful enough attempt to revive a genre of a primitive trash of 50-70 years. Remember " Night of the Creeps " and " Vault of Horror, The "? And so, there those classical receptions which are used in this film were used all. It is classics. More truly, a remake of classics, a cheap television horror film. What claims to the teleproject can be?! I, certainly, too was not in delight but if it is good to know primary sources this film normally will pass, without any conclusions - a typical hand-made article, like modern alteration of old film 58 years, little bit similar on " Fly, The ". Film does not frighten, and a pressure any does not create - the skipping chamber and a blurring focus - from such receptions now will be frightened only the child, and about a make-up and to speak there is nothing - all has through become permeated with the smell of cheapness and the scanty budget.

On the other hand, film fascinating enough and places even ridiculous. Actors not at height, but Dan Aykroyd has very much liked - to it to not play for the first time any more in any nonsense, but he is such remarkable actor, what even in such naked trash is able to play superb! Film is not pleasant to everyone who badly knows or does not love primary sources - old horror films of times " Friday 13 ", but admirers of a genre will remain are happy!

Sgt. Bilko (1996)
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Masterpiece!, 5 January 2006

It simply masterpiece - now such films come across all less often and less often! You look it and only to bow it would be desirable Steve Martin - the ingenious comedian. Each gesture, each movement, every a word - all has a fine comedy shade and is executed by it superb.

Steve Martin in a role of artful asshole Bilko is not simply magnificent! It is fine, ingenious, mad, improbable!

The brilliant proof of that in America fine and absolutely not trite comedies can sometimes put this film. This film is full clowns, lethal humor, fine dialog's and monologue... And Steve Martin - once again proves, that it one of the greatest comedians of the world. (We already knew it after "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" and "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"!)

One of the most favorite comedies!