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The funniest comedies I have seen (feature films only).
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The best Bond movies are carried, not by gadgets, not by fights and chases, but by excellent actors. A good Bond villain should be a character, not a nobody. He/she should have presence, should be truly memorable. I have listed the best ones I can think of, somewhat in order.

There is only one Bond movie that I can't take into account, "Casino Royale" (1966 version) of which I have only seen parts (couldn't stand it). I havn't found any really good villains in the later movies, which I think is why I don't like them. I don't think Craig is the problem, I think they need some great villain actors - and give them enough space to let us appreciate them.
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Listing Bond is easy, but we all seem to watch them from different points of view. I like movies with good characters, good storytelling with both humor, plot and action in a good mix. And that is what this list is about. The list is ordered, best first, worst at the end.