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Better than you'd imagine, 3 July 2011

After watching trailers for films like this numerous times you see through some of the camp acting and excessive violence. In a great tradition of the Grindhouse feel this film delivers on all of your expectations. If you enjoyed Machete then you'll probably love this movie....matter of fact, if you didn't enjoy Machete you'll probably enjoy this film. Rutger Hauer as an actor is great and delivers a fantastic performance in the film. If your easily offended, not a fan of the Grindhouse series of films, or are looking for a deep love story, this movie is not for you. Excessive and wonderful gore, this is truly a fan film and bound to be on the cult collectors shelf years from now. Cinematography is top notch wonderfully filmed. Definitely worth watching, pleasantly surprised.

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Great Film, 5 March 2005

First off if you're a fan of any of the endless summer movies or others then this movie will be a great addition. Masterfully done, with scenes that make you want to get up and go to the beach. Any junkie of the ocean will be envious of the locations depicted in this film. A great use of expressions via actual spoken word and cinematography, to help people better understand the life of a "surfer". You cannot go wrong with Dana Brown, showing you the beauty of the world and mixing in a system of believes held by surfers around the globe. If you're like most of us than you probably cannot just get up off the couch and visit Maui, but sitting back with drink and watching this film you will have the same experience as being there. Visit's to Australia, Chile, Maui, Ireland, and surprisingly Texas, give a diverse look into surfing around the globe, but the message remains the same. Your loyal Fan, Angel