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Junior Miss (1945)
I remember it fondly
20 October 2005
This is a movie I remember from those days back in the late 50's when I was a teenager myself, staying up late to watch it on TV. It was a delightful period piece and, I think, nearly on a par with "The Bachelor and Bobby-Soxer". It is not as lively as Bobby-Soxer, but the sympathetic treatment of what it meant to be a teen girl back in 1945 New York City is charming. It doesn't contain an A-List cast like Bobby-Soxer either but those wonderful second string character players really shine. Peggy Ann Garner is excellent but Mona Freeman and Barbara Whiting, as the wise-cracking sister and her best friend(respectively), steal the picture, in my opinion. But then Mona Freeman steals the picture in "Dear Ruth" too. A sadly underrated actress. I see "Junior Miss" is not available on either VHS or DVD and I have not seen it broadcast on TV in many years. It would be a shame if this was a "lost" film.
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