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Alexander (2004)
17 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I left the cinema feeling...everything. Never have I seen such beauty in war mythology. I'd say this is almost better than Gladiator.

The sound is perfect, the cast is perfect. Angelina Jolie's accent could perhaps have been slightly more perfected, but except from that... She was amazing. She gave the character Olympias a completely new face. A better one. The art direction is exquisite! The scenes makes you dream. You really wish you were there to feel the breeze, to smell the air, to touch the sand. And Colin... WOW! He took classes in leadership actually, and they paid of. He could almost have been the great Alexander himself.

(May contain Spoiler!) And now, to the one thing most people who didn't enjoy this movie reject to; the homosexuality. Yes, Alexander was a bisexual. And no, the movie is not full of gay porn where did you even get that idea?! It contains a few hugs and a kiss, is that too much? Come on! This is ancient Greece! The love between two men were... Beautiful! THAT was the true love. The love between a man and a woman? No. A man had to have a woman to pass his family name on. A woman was a machine to give him sons. Face it. A man was worth everything, and a woman just..was not. Because of this, naturally love between to men, saying the love between two of those who were worth something, was far more beautiful. And how is it that we can fill our films with sex scenes that aren't even important, while a few hugs and one single kiss can cause a riot? Just because it was between two males. Even though this was such an important part of the legend...

Yes, I understand that people who object to homosexuality do not wish to view one of the greatest warriors we know as a bisexual.

But please, grow up.

And see this brilliant film!!!
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Excellent, painful and beautiful
12 March 2005
I'll always love this film... It's one of my favorites. It touches you, it move you and makes you want to scream and shout, cry and laugh.

Ridley Scott is a great director, and it was this film that really made me love him. It's so good. The filming is great, the art direction is appropriate and the soundtrack is amazing.

It's a film about happiness, and how we can be kept away from it. And how women are supposed to just shut up and take whatever they are put through. It teaches you to never give up your dreams, live by your own example and take your life in your hands. We can't just sit around watching life pass by. And when you get the chance - take it. And never apologize for being you.

See this film, just see it! It's rather old, I was only 3 when it came out and I didn't see it until it was a few years old. But this kind of movie never dies..

Live your life and LOVE it!
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11 March 2005
At first I was skeptic. I thought this was... you know, just a film like any other film. Nothing special. But I was wrong. It started with a lot of friends telling me that this was something extra. So finally I went to see it. And I was surprised!

First of all, Jude Law does the voice of Lemony Snicket, and what a voice! Lovely. And Jim Carey is always Jim Carey... and even though he is absolutely great in Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind it was nice to see him back to "normal". And the young actors were great as well.

The story was entertaining. Very funny, and unique. You never got bored with this film. But, I must say...that what made this movie REALLY good was the art direction... That was Beautiful! You have to see this film! You just HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO see this film, if not for the story but for the art direction. Gorgeous!

You could feel several times that the director of this film, Brad Silberling, copied Tim Burton. But that's the way directors do. They take their favorite directors, put what they love about them together and add some of their own ideas and thats how filming develops. And, trust me, Tim Burton is the right man to copy in this film. See it! please?

Just...see it. You won't regret it. Perhaps you don't want to see it more than once, even if you loved it. But go see it! NOW! It's simply... Entertaining=)
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Just watching it hurts
2 March 2005
When I first saw this film, many years ago, I thought it was both amazing and horrible. I was 10 or 11 and I wasn't ready for this, having lived all of life in a sweet little town in Sweden. I still remember how painful it was to watch is. It certainly reminds you of how horrible the world can be, and how cruel and narrow-minded people are. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days.

Everybody should see this film. This is the kind of film where it doesn't really matter if the lighting is perfect or if the art direction is good or if the camera angles are correct, because this film has got such an important message. However, it just so happens that this film also has good lighting and camera work etc. Everything about this film shows the pain and the fear, the loneliness and it really shows how much we are willing to do just to be accepted, and to be loved. I am so happy Hilary Swank got an Oscar for this, because she is Excellent!

We must never stop fighting for what is right, and we have to start accepting people. Making other people feel bad won't make you feel good. Hitting back is not going to stop the pain from the first punch. This films won't leave anyone feeling nothing, it really touches you. It's painful seeing how horrible life is for some people, and just watching this film hurts you. It's really painful. So once again, See this film if you haven't already. People need to see this, people need to feel this.
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1 March 2005
A lot of people have come up to me and said "How can you love Quentin that much, he is just too extreme!" or "Oh come on, Kill Bill is just SO not realistic.." Yes. No.

Mr. Quentin Tarantino is rather extreme, yes, and it's lovely! And No. Kill Bill is not realistic, but it's not meant to be realistic! Just like... Lord of the Rings, that's not realistic either! But because it has clear unreal elements, like wizards, it's acceptable?

You don't go to see Kill Bill, or any other Q.T-film to see "Stepmom", in the same way you don't go to a Marilyn Manson concert hoping that they will play some Spice Girls..

Kill Bill, both volume 1 and 2, is absolutely gorgeous! The art direction is beautiful! The camera angles are perfect... just Gorgeous! The lighting, the sound, the dialogs... and of course, the details! No one works with small details the way Quentin does. I must also say that the soundtrack is brilliant and the whole film is just so well casted! Uma Thurman is perfect in the leading role, Darryl Hannah has never been this good before, ever! And Chiaki Kuriyama, even though she has a quite small role, is excellent, even better than she is in "Battle Royale". David Carradine is painfully perfect, Michael Madsen is ALWAYS excellent, but never as good as when he works with Tarantino. I must also say that Sonny Chiba was great. I've never been a big fan of Vivica A Fox until now, and I used to think that Lucy Liu was just your average actor but she turned out to be fierce. Pretty much everyone who is in this film is ten times better than they've ever been.

But above all things, Kill Bill is artistic, beautiful... Perfect colors, perfect everything... gotta love it.
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Crossroads (I) (2002)
Extreme Sugarchock
1 March 2005
I can't say that this film is worthless. It has got rather good lighting, make up and it's filmed OK, and the art direction isn't that bad.

But I think that the plot was too predictable, the acting was simple and quite boring. Taryn Manning did OK, but the rest... it was just not impressive at any point. And I think everyone was trying to make Britney look better than she really was, complimenting her. Her character, Lucy, is too flawless. She was always perfect while the people who surrounded her had prominent flaws. And then in the commentary she went on about how every girl would be able to relate to her character, but wrong! No one is that flawless and covered in sugar.

And I know you've got to see it for what it is, you don't go to see Crossroads if you are looking for a deep film, but even as a cute chick flick Crossroads didn't do very well. at all. It was shallow pretending to be genuine and deep. Even in the worst of girl films you need a point where it's getting serious - something to make it look real, you need to feel something.

This whole movie is too SWEET. Everything about it is sweet.. the dialogs, the looks, the camera angles, the clichés, the music. It was like having 200 lbs of Chocolate, it was way too much. No one can handle that much sugar in one night...
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