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Above average disaster movie, 27 July 2007

I read everyone else's reviews & comments and I disagree with them all. First, this is not a ho-hum, boring movie. An earthquake cripples a Russian power plant threatening a meltdown, and it's a race against time to avert the disaster. Add into the mix a Russian supervisor who refuses to accept the idea of anything wrong, and will stop at nothing to keep the truth from getting out, even if it means locking the engineer near the core, and trying to run away when confronted with the truth. That is very believable. This movie is well-paced, and doesn't take long to get started. And once it gets going, you're on a roller-coaster ride of suspense. The scene in the elevator shaft reminds me of the suspense in TOWERING INFERNO and POSEIDON ADVENTURE. The kids are very believable American youngsters trying to deal with their parents' separation, and fate forces them to work together. Maybe it's all cliché, maybe not. But I like this movie. Maybe the special effects were taken from DANTE'S PEAK, I don't know. Frankly, I don't care, since they're very brief and quick. Only when scenes are obviously stolen from other movies do I care, like when they stole footage from AIRPORT 1975 to create SONIC IMPACT. But try it yourself. You may be surprised.

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Not to be missed!, 20 June 2007

I'm a huge fan of Richard Pryor and for non-concert movies, it works if the material is right for him. For this movie, IT DOES!! Pryor makes a bizarre plot work -- REALLY work -- especially making you BELIEVE he is a man who has a passion for baseball and trying to be a success. And John Candy does a great job portraying Brewster's best friend who has to be kept in the dark as to the real reason behind the outrageousness of his best friend's spending. There are social comments being made throughout the movie, and it shows normal and understandable outgrowths and conditions, consequences and results with each decision Brewster makes on where each dollar goes despite the feverish attempts to secure no assets anywhere. It's a fun movie, a feel-good movie, and a very FUNNY movie. Definitely not to be missed! This version of the story is well-written, well-produced, and well-made. And this movie should be among the very top of this list of Pryor's movies that displays his pure genius, and his ability to successfully range through the emotions, that you feel you're right there with him, and you feel what he feels, and you're rooting for him.

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A Wonderful Addition to the Rudolph Story, 26 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I picked up this DVD at a garage sale thinking it was the 1964 classic until I read the back when I came home to discover it's a sequel. I looked up the reviews here to see what everyone said about it. I read a lot of negative comments, the most common is the awful songs. I decided to watch it for myself. Regarding the songs, everyone is correct: they are horrendous (which is why it loses a point in my rating), but the cartoon, story and all, surprised the heck out of me! All the lovable characters (including Charlie-in-the-box) from the 1964 classic is brought back with a new set of vocal talents that sound so much like the original cast, it's breath-taking and a little eerie. Yes, it's computer-animated instead of the stop-action of the '64 original, but so much attention, care, and love was given to the details, it doesn't become an issue and it gives this installment its own special charm.

Even a new twist on the social issue of Rudolph wishing to be like all the other reindeers was thought-provoking, clever, and wonderfully done. The animators even gave new dimension to Rudolph's nonconformity that does not, in my opinion, ruin the charm of the original. If anything, I look at it as Rudolph's nose changing its nature as he grows older, just as children's traits grow and change and evolve as they go through life.

The writers and animators thought of everything, including Rudolph's continuing relationship with Clarisse, and even giving Hermie the elf a love interest after graduating from Dental School. There are lots of in-jokes galore, including Hermie's vehicle having a modern-day alarm remote that chirps when activated, and there's even a "borrowing" from "Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom."

The main crux of the story is a dark character called the Toy Taker who has taken toys everywhere including all of the toys in Santa's workshop, and it's up to Rudolph and his friends to solve the mystery, catch the Toy Taker and return the toys in time for Santa's run on Christmas Eve.

With all that being said, I heartily recommend you buy or rent this wonderful movie and be in for the treat of your life ESPECIALLY if you're a fan of the 1964 original!!

Rat Race (2001)
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Fair "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" update, 30 March 2007

There have been lots of movies updated, redone, spoofed, you name it. The classic 1963 "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" was due to be updated, and in my opinion, this is a fair update. One of the things that made MMMM World work was its huge assemblage of popular talent and comics, even small cameos. Here, you have a small group and very few added characters to the chase. In the original, lots of gags that hit every time; here, you have hits and misses, almost as many misses as you have hits. The Nazi Barbie Museum and the "heart" being the two biggest misses. Another big miss was when the two brothers ended up in the big wheel rally, and realized a big wheel truck was about to pound on them, they scattered out the car door, which took more time to do than simply put the car in gear and drive away from where they parked. The "mumble-mouthed brother" could have been in reference to Buddy Hacket's vocal style in the original movie, but if so, I think it's insulting.

But with all its faults, RAT RACE is still a funny movie -- a one-timer for me -- with my favorite scene being the helicopter girl flies over her boyfriend's house. I haven't laughed so hard since "Airplane!" My favorite line was when after John Cleese told them "Go!" and everyone's still seated, he says, "All of you have been racing for 45 seconds, and this guy is in the lead because he's the closest to the door." That got a huge chuckle from me. Definitely worth a look.

Firetrap (2001)
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"Die Hard" meets "Towering Inferno", 14 March 2007

A high-tech thief's latest mission may be his last when he crosses paths with a corrupt executive in a burning building. Dean Cain stars as Max Hooper who makes Mission Impossible-type capers look easy. This movie has as much fun as "Lethal Weapon" and as much drama as "Die Hard." Add that to the suspense in "Towering Inferno" and you have the recipe for a top-notch disaster film. A corrupt executive schedules in impromptu meeting in his office with his colleagues; unbeknownst to him, Max Hooper is in the building trying to steal a valuable computer chip, his wife & her lawyer show up to give him divorce papers, and someone in his company is attempting to ruin him, and in the process, starts a fire.

But who is behind what? And why? There are surprises at every turn, and keeps you riveted until the end. Excellent writing, excellent acting, excellent directing, excellent special effects ... all in all, an excellent movie. Give this one a viewing. You will not be sorry.

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We finally have a holiday movie of Purim, 24 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm Jewish, and I'm somewhat familiar with the story of Esther, Mordechai & Haman as the story is retold every year at Purim. And just like in Moses in "The Ten Commandments," I always thought it would make a good movie. I'm very impressed with this movie. After hearing the story every year, it was a treat to actually see the story brought to life. Fine acting all around. Christians have holiday movies, and we only have "The Ten Commandments" for Passover. Now we can include "One Night with the King" as a holiday movie for Purim. It is a powerful story of courage and love. A movie not to be missed! And one final note -- I don't know if it's a SPOILER or not, but rather be safe than sorry: it is quite eerie that the symbol that Haman embraces in his quest to destroy the Jews somewhat resembles a swastika.

Red Eye (2005)
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A fair thriller ruined by one absurd detail, 18 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My wife & I rented this movie (I love airplane thrillers so I thought it would be good). It wasn't as good as I thought it would be, and then, something happens which turns this fair thriller into a joke.


When Lisa stabs Jackson in the throat, no blood is spilled. I had a tracheotomy, and I can tell you from personal experience, blood has to spill. And if that wasn't bad enough, Jackson is able to sprint through the airport without any trouble breathing. I was in Intensive Care for a few days after my tracheotomy and it took a while before I was able to breathe normally as my body had to get used to there being a hole in my neck.

So, that particular detail ruins what would have been a fair thriller to watch when there's nothing else to watch. My advice: watch something else.

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A must for any Lost in Space fan!!, 9 February 2007

I am a die-hard LIS fan, and I absolutely LOVED this special plus the DVD extras. John Larrocat hosts this special with Bob May/Dick Tufeld as the Robot that led to the shows origins, through all 3 seasons and up to the theatrical motion picture. And at the very end of this one-hour special we are given a super treat of Jonathan Harris & Bill Mumy reprising their roles as Dr. Smith and Will Robinson in their 3rd season costumes in a short scene that made me think that if they and the rest of the remaining cast did the same for the theatrical feature (with as much care as the crew did in recreating the original upper deck of the Jupiter II)-- like Star Trek did -- the movie would have been a huge success, and like Star trek, would have spawned sequels.

All they'd have to do is explain, like Star Trek did, how they all got older and that (because of Guy Williams' death) John Robinson died 5 years sooner than he was supposed to because of the deal he made with The Time Merchant from the 3rd season. Then, Lost in Space: The Movie would be a continuation of the story, like "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" was, with a new adventure they'd encounter, then Lost in Space II, Lost in Space III, and so on. That final scene in this special showed me the potential is endless! If you own the DVD you'd want to replay that last scene over and over again because it is so cool!!

The DVD has special features like behind the scenes of that final scene in the special and you can see how Jonathan Harris and Bill Mumy enjoyed doing it, test shots of the special effects primarily of the giant cyclops, the little robots, and -- my favorite: the Jupiter II and space pod flying, landing & taking off!

Another unique treat in the DVD extras is an audition/conversation with Guy Williams being introduced to the show by Irwin Allen (offsceen), and you can see how and why he was so easily chosen to play John Robinson.

A Storm in Summer (2000) (TV)
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Rod Serling does it again!!, 25 January 2007

Rod Serling is best remembered for his venture into the imagination and fourth dimension of The Twilight Zone, but so many of his other writings become forgotten, such as "Requium for a Heavyweight." This story, "A Storm in Summer," written in 1970, five years before his death, Rod Serling has been able to successfully recapture the fine writing he did with "Requium." And this story is timeless as it speaks today as it did 37 years ago. Rod Serling is among my favorite writers, and I enjoy his social commentaries and dramatic twists in his stories and "Storm" is no different. The cast is excellent with Peter Falk in the lead, and the chemistry between him and his young co-star is magic! However, there are a few points in the movie that are too slow, and I didn't much care for the Grandmother (and those are the reasons for the 9 rating), but other than that, this is a wonderful movie, the kind you can see with the whole family. And a movie not to be missed!!

Poison Ivy (1992)
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We must be talking of different movies, 24 January 2007

I read all the positive praise of this movie, so I was ready for some gripping drama, and so I rent it. After 15 minutes I was so disgusted with it, I stopped it, and returned it. Here's why:

In all the "Hand that Rocks the Cradle" copycat movies I've seen, they ALL show us right away as how the characters meet. With "Poison Ivy," the movie begins with Ivy and Coop ALREADY BEING FRIENDS, or at the very least being acquainted. To me, what makes these movies terrifying, would be that you just don't know the stranger you happen to meet, bump into, or circumstances where the paths cross. Where did Ivy come from? Instead of scenarios in which we as viewers can witness, all we have are what Ivy tells us. And for the only source of who a character is and where she comes from is from what she says, we cannot trust it. From a legal standpoint, it would be considered "heresay."

And not only can we not trust what Ivy tells us, we quickly learn we cannot believe what Cooper tells us either as she lies to Ivy -- and us -- by her claim of her biological father being black, and she adopted, when that wasn't true, and the lie she told Ivy -- and us -- that she cut herself trying to commit suicide, and then told us a few moments later, that THAT wasn't true, either.

And Cooper's narrative time-jumps, almost as if she's in a hurry to tell her story, and within a few minutes of the movie we go from them speaking of wishing to be friends to Ivy moving in with the family. I'm sorry, but that transition is too sudden, too abrupt, too jolting, that we as viewers feel it's thrown in our face quickly to sort it out later.

And Cooper's parents are the weakest parents I've ever seen. They have no backbone, no real authoritative presence, almost as if they're there for convenience's sake, they have no life outside just existing there, and within those first moments of this movie, it seems Cooper's father has no job-life.

And so, for me, we have in the first 15 minutes no characters we really don't know nor trust, nor even care about. IMHO, don't waste your time with this movie. There are plenty of other good ones of this type of story.

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