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Undone (2001)
really good, but quite strange., 27 February 2005

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Undone was a strange but very good short.

Undone was a really good short. I think that Chad Lindberg and Kandeyce Jordan did a really good role and they made good choices on the few actors there were. It was very confusing to understand at first but when we got to the part at the 'party' I finally understood. I think that Kandeyce Jordan was a really good actress and director. I also think that Chad Lindberg was a very good actor. I hope to see more from both of them. I think that the short had a really good plot to it.

I think that the actors they chose for the movie were really good. Kandeyce Jordan who played the main character and who at the end, we find out has a husband and two kids. Chad Lindberg who had a tough three days 'eating poptarts for nine meals' and kept a lady hidden in his back trunk'. Also the other actors who played their part did a really good part. I really like Chad Lindberg and I always want to see more of him. So this video was really important to me and seeing it made me happy. I think it was a very good short and it deserved the awards it won.