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The best of British 1930's style, 27 March 2012

Hi Folks, This is a great British film of 1936 with a good cast and story, the ending sequence will have you on the edge of your seats just like in the great tradition of 1930's serial cliffhangers, I found my self yelling at the screen 'for heaven's sake get down that mountain' not something I'm given to doing at films nowadays at 62 it's not something thats the thing to do... or is it, this film is great fun and the end chase down the ski slopes is a real cliffhanger, it took me back to Saturday morning kids matinée's during the 1950's, if you enjoy old cinema serials enjoy this film, if you've never seen this type film then watch and enjoy and see what you missed, also worth watching for the technology of the time, which in no way decreases the pace, great entertainment.

Rio Rita (1929)
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Rio Rita (1929) is a gem!, 26 February 2005

I think many of us make the mistake of reviewing films of the transition to sound era from the viewpoint of highlighting the inadequacies of the technology of the period as seen from today, I have recently seen an unrestored Video print of Rio Rita, the quality of which was excellent, the sound was excellent, the two strip colour finale as most will agree was stunning. I found Bebe Daniels characterisation to be endearing and entertaining, her accent didn't grate at all far from it, it fitted her role and she was in fine voice in her first talkie musical, John Boles performance was set very much in the stage style of presentation, he had a fine voice very easy on the ear. Rio Rita is a gem from the late 20's and deserves to be restored 100% to it's former glory when released,filmed head on for most of it's duration, rather like watching a stage show, I see it as a wonderful filmed record of what it was like to actually sit in the Ziegfeld Theatre perhaps and be a member of the first night performance of the show on stage, the nearest we will ever get to actually seeing a Ziegfeld show of the period, and partly in stunning two strip colour. The technical restrictions of the period, static camera's, etc work in the films favour for me, we have an opportunity to see a filmed stage show featuring some of the greatest stars of the period. I would like to suggest when watching film musicals of the late 20's, very early 30's, playing the soundtrack through an equaliser, then play it through your amplifier to good quality speakers, the results can be amazing, tinny soundtracks can suddenly take on a sound quality you had no idea was there! I recommend Rio Rita 8 out of 10 only because my copy though excellent isn't restored,a fully restored Rio Rita would be a wonderful to see and hear.