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Great so far!, 28 December 2006

I've just begun playing it, and can tell its going to a fun way to spend the day. These are just some basic non-spoiler stuff for the story. Baten Kaitos Origins is a prequel to 2003's Baten Kaitos and takes place about 20 years before. Some characters, both dynamic and static, that appeared in BK will also appear in this game. Some differences are: You now will be able to dash across towns and dungeons using a heartwing dash. This helps you pick up more ground and run as long as your meter allows you. Running too long will make you more vulnerable to enemies, and dashing while running into them can affect your battle performance.

Also, your party will draw from a single deck, rather than separate ones. In addition, you may create other decks with cards you prefer. Magnus cards are drawn in numeral order and pretty straightforward. There are options such as mixing quest magnus to create new ones and these will age overtime. However, your battle magnus will NOT age. One more thing, your party will be of three, instead of six like in the previous game. Oops, may or may not have included everything, but the rest you can find out.

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How it begins, 10 November 2005

The story takes place in Japan, apparently where Syaoran and Sakura live. Syaoran and Sakura were in Clamp's very popular anime "Cardcaptors." However in this story, they are different. Sakura is a princess and Syaoran is her childhood friend. They met long ago, and won't admit yet to each other that they could possibly have fallen in love. But a last confession, suddenly takes a sudden turn of events and Sakura ends up losing her memory. To save her, Syaoran bargains their relationship to bring her back, and must journey to many worlds with companions to retrieve her wings (tsubasa) that have taken flight. No matter how painful it might be.

Tales of Symphonia (2003) (VG)
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Indeed, 25 February 2005

This game is truly amazing. Its not like a play-by-play story where you can predict everything that happens. You cant always know who is on your side and suddenly who is the worst villain. The battle-system is cool and you can have MANY options for fighting and learn new techniques. If you want, you can also set it to multi-player. Then you can play with your buddies. The bosses are awesome and have you wanting to fight more. Also, you can set the mode you want for game play if they are too easy or too tough for you. The storyline is dramatic and touching and has a humorous side of everything. You make the choices. The characters soon have you attached to them. Best RPG I ever played. Seriously, if you have a GC this is definitely considered an option. Take this!