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good source for jokes, 8 March 2005

Here was the premise for the show. The 3 celebrity panelists would each start off with a made up joke based on a category preselected. (all 3 jokes were different) The in-studio audience would clap after each panelist hit their punchline and a hokey sort of machine would measure the intensity of the audience's response and give each Cele a score, then Dick would tell his joke, but it wasn't made up by him. It was picked out of a barrel containing jokes sent in from home audiences.

A cash prize would be awarded to the home audience member if they had the highest score after the 4 jokes were told.

The upside part of the show was easily Morey Amsterdam. Very funny guy with good improv instincts. Also, naturally it gave the viewer lots of good jokes to steal. The bad part was that most of the jokes sent in from home were just not that good. Gautier tried his best but some jokes simply do not crack up an audience no matter who is telling it.

I think I have it right, but feel free to make corrections. This is based on memory from when this first aired.