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"Dicte" (2012)
..wish we could do it here as seemingly as easily, 28 September 2016
8/10 many productions appear artificial, or produced for 'effect.' This is a show that feels 'real-life'. These characters do not come off as actors, and that is something so welcome in sitting back and watching things play out. Iben Hjejle is a favorite actor, on either side of the pond... she is just so natural. Have been fortunate to see her in other works... she never disappoints. She is someone you would just like to meet and really get to know. Of course the story lines have to been taken independently, because no one person would have so much happen to them in real-world situations. But there is something truly unique in this production, it has a warmth and closeness, and she and all the other regular cast members make that happen time and again. So glad it does sparingly occur, because it gives hope it will somehow come about again. Special is special... even if it does not happen very frequently. times hard to watch, but important not to turn away, 27 September 2016

This is a gut-wrenching, and at times heartbreaking production. It's not entertainment, but a direct, in your face, worst case scenario of what real people can do to each other. There are not many 'success' stories.. there really can't be when so much pain has come before. Survival is the watchword. For those dedicated individuals doing this work, getting involved and exposing their emotions time and again, it is inspiring to know they continue to persevere. There is no greater reward than to attempt and help save another persons life, and this is exactly what they are doing. They do not always succeed, but admiration for their efforts must be continually recognized, and highly applauded.

"StartUp" (2016)
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.. this show should stay for awhile.., 26 September 2016

There are lots of shows start slow.. some stay the same.. some speed up. This one gets off the blocks at a lesser pace than most any.. and it stays pretty much same speed for first several episodes. But what they do better than most is the interest and underlying intensity level start to build, and after those first few episodes, you are now not going to give up. The talent is good.. the story-line took one good one away, but with these types of productions that's to be expected. If it keeps up what's been done so far, it should remain around for awhile. Let's hope it does, there's too much out there not worth watching, supporting work with promise is what we all should be caught up in.

.. what a resurrection!!, 25 September 2016

..really liked the original production.. so when it ended at what appeared to be a very logical conclusion.. was pretty much at the time satisfied. But then surfing for programming.. fourteen years later, and to discover they've brought it back.. said WTF! How and why should believe this is going to work a decade and a half later... well guess what.. it's truly gotten better. Now up to date in today's world, everything is so much more complex and interesting. And there was passion there before for Hermione Norris, but now it is real-deal serious. So many ensemble productions have gone by the boards, but these guys have given new life and hope to all those seriously worthwhile, but thought past-time series. It is most desired they continue on for as long as they can keep producing such great work.. bravo to all involved.

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..good start.. just have to catch my breath, 22 September 2016
7/10's a pretty good start to this program.... but if this frantic pace is going to keep up episode after episode, the audience is going to have to binge on performance enhancing drugs. The acting is good, and I would have to think that most watching will return for episode two. But at some point soon the breaks will have to be applied.. at least to slow down a bit. Any program that must be recorded and watched again to understand what's really happening.. well, sometimes you just want to linger on in a scene. Maybe they'll get there, it shows lots of forethought and preparation, in addition to top notch execution, so guess will give them the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, it's another welcome addition to small screen viewing.

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.. yes six.. and that's being very kind, 21 September 2016

..there are good actors in this production that are much better than this sub-par effort deserves. That's not to say it will not succeed, for God only knows, many even lesser efforts have repeatedly kept going. If you can get through the first ten minutes and cannot find fault, than there's not much else to say. The saying 'it takes all kinds' is no more true than in entertainment programming.. one man's joy is another's poison. Trying to fill ten lines when you've pretty much said all you had wanted to say is the most demanding challenge when writing about these kinds of programs. You can only say so much, and you keep questioning why you are attempting to write anything at all.

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.. they almost came away unscathed, but just before the door closed, 21 September 2016

..they really had it going most of the way pretty good in the pilot episode. There were several sub-plots pushing the believably boundaries, but for the most part they didn't cross-over... and acting overall was solid. Then it came to the first episode ending, and they really didn't do themselves any favors at all (and it really wasn't necessary). Now they've got to work at getting the thinking audience back on track. With that blunder, they dropped a rating notch or two, for it opens the door to a possibility of more of the same, and that could send a good portion of the audience off to the exits. Time will tell, fortunately we don't have to wait long.

..season three should be a no-brainer, 21 September 2016

..this is a really good series. It's truly hoped that HBO will make the right decision and go for season three. The four leads are outstanding, but in fact the entire cast is incredible. The little girl is a real star.. and AP is just captivating. There are numerous scenes in just these first two seasons which show how truly great an actor this woman really is. Sure it winds up a bit too predictable at the end of season two. But they can change that around as easily as they choose in upcoming episodes. All facets of the production are top notch, these guys have the formula down. There's a very good Vanity Fair article about them. They're a real force, and if they don't burn out, we should be seeing much great stuff continue on from them.. so look forward to it.

"Crashing" (2016)
..aren't many like her.. she really is something special..., 19 September 2016

... to be so young and to have done such great work on both sides of a production (and more than just once) is truly remarkable. If you do not want to meet and know this person.. then that says much about you. These little six episode series she creates are so much fun.. and her on-screen performance artistry is matched by very few. Do you like one more than another, of course, but still all are good.. and you truly cannot wait for the next one to come about. Would wait a bit and watch any again.. they are great, and each episode matches the strength of the others.. that's an extraordinary accomplishment. There's lots of 'celebrities'.. this woman is a real force.. can't wait for her next endeavor to hit the screen.

"Fleabag" (2016)
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.. those want worthwhile... you want this to continue, 17 September 2016

...this is a great production.. for those into it, there's little to find fault... she is absolutely phenomenal.. the side glances, all the quirky looks at side cameras, and the fill-in-the-blanks dialogue.. it is tops.. when the world stops putting out these types of works, we are truly on the down cycle for small screen viewing.. when you put your mind to it, just try come up with other names you could see somehow making this work... whoever made her choice happen is genius.. when an actor comes into your view you have never seen before, and totally captures the character and completely takes over.. well it's why we all take chances on giving up time watching.. this should seriously go on for awhile.. hope it does.. but if not, so glad to have had this experience.. bravo all involved..

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