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Ghost (1990)
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Very touching, 29 November 2006

Congratulations to the director of this fine movie because he/she did a real fine job. In times when movies are all action and violence, Ghost tells us that there is hope for's not a religious thing and the movie doesn't try to push that either. There is more than one touching scene and the actors and actresses played their roles perfectly. Demi Moore fits in very well and you can see her liking the part all the way thru. Schwayze is fantastic too and is able to turn from the more 'violent' scenes to the mellow ones without any problems at all. The scenery of the movie is well-chosen too. More movies like Ghost should be shot every year!!

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Religion with a twist, 7 November 2006

I saw this movie on TV for the first time. Right from the beginning, I had a strange feeling of sickness and disgust and the top scenes were not even on yet. It is compared to Se7en, but I feel it has more action in it while the gore is the same in both movies. The serial killer is very disturbing and has no pity towards his victims like most "respected" SKs. I don't remember the soundtrack to the movie, but I think it does give that eerie touch to a movie that is in itself disturbing all along. The killer doesn't give himself away that easily and he is seriously involved in what he's doing. The final scene is one of the best in horror movies, but can be quite sickening for many light-hearted viewers.

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Uncanny, 21 October 2006

I enjoyed watching this movie very much even though most people consider it as a sub-B flick. Alright, so it's no The Grudge, but it tells a story that can be very touching if you want it to be. The actors all act very well including the kids. The only thing that is incoherent in the movie is why the spirit exposes itself too much from 3/4 of the movie onwards. I saw the movie with my girlfriend and she said that "all evil spirits give themselves away in the end". The movies plays a lot with shadows and darkness/light to scare us and even though this kind of FX don't scare many people anymore, they allocate that sort of 'romanticism' that seems to be sacrificed in horror movies today. In conclusion, a good one to watch at Halloween.

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Classic Harryhaussen horror, 25 February 2006

I was a little kid when I first saw this movie and I was scared to hell with all the monsters, big and small, that haunted the screen. The movie plays along film lines like Cleopatra, Ben Hur, etc. only that this one had the classic horror twist to it, but it made you ponder the ages man went through and his fears of the unknown. I believe the photography in this film was ahead of its time and the FX guys did an awesome job with the 'meanies' who menaced Jason and his fiery followers. The soundtrack conveys that epic feeling running through all the film and is never disturbing. I loved Kovack's acting and the way her character fitted into the story of the movie. A must for any real classic horror buff!

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More weird than the Weird Tales, 30 October 2005

The Outer Limits was one of the best TV sci-fi shows ever produced. With its host of "famous monsters", creatures, etc. it was able to scare the wits out of me. I was really scared by the famous, never-to-be-repeated intro to each still gives me chills today in the era of "Aliens" and "Predators". It dealt with the unknown that is also in the deepest parts of our mind and perhaps for this reason I was hypnotized by the fantastic stories it dished out. It was never boring because each episode included brand new creatures and cast who interacted very well on screen. I remember "O.B.I.T." having scared me to death just by looking into its fiendish eye and weird head. The photography and props used in this show were perfect. To the people who have never seen this show or who have only seen the various re-makes, I say please spend a moment to watch won't regret it!!

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Great TV series, 29 October 2005

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was one of my favorite U.S. TV shows! I couldn't wait to get back home from school to watch the antics of the Admiral, the Capt.,Kowalski and the gang as they headed for an unknown destiny amidst the waves of the deep blue sea. It might seem outdated today, but it was a SUPER sci-fi show back then!!! I liked the photography of the entire series and the Seaview was a fascinating piece of prop work just like the Enterprise (Star Trek). The music adopted for the show was ideal for the weird settings in each episode. The monsters and the aliens that showed up in each new episode reminded me of another fabulous TV series called the Outer Limits. Overall, Richard Basehart, RIP, and David Hedison were two extremely fine actors. A must in every true science fiction lover's film library.

Serious spoof, 30 April 2005

Yes, this film has always been dumped by critics and movie-goers alike!! I love this movie because apart from the AC/DC soundtrack NOT forgotten by most, it is quite eerie! It must be the atmosphere of the overall scenes. I believe the secret that has to be grasped in order to appreciate the film lies within the giant mask!!!! It's all there, but all the critics of this superb film didn't see it. I can't say more about this aspect because it is quite difficult to explain with simple words. Max Overdrive can easily be compared to other better (?) rated films like Romero's, especially his first masterpiece!! Some consider Max Overdrive as being a B-movie, but history repeating, this kind of movie later becomes a cult-flick! In conclusion, this film has been hated just like The Illustrated Man starring Rod Steiger perhaps for the same reasons (critics don't like adaptations enough to give an impartial view). Who knows??!

Hair (1979)
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Every 'picture' tells a story, 8 March 2005

Milos Forman's original HAIR was the perfect movie that actually revealed how life was changing in those years, not only in the USA, but especially in this country. One of the plots in the film was to be used in other films to come after Hair, for example, in American Graffitti, etc. It was an original story with a touch of generational sadness in it. The characters in the film were like lonely "cells" in a "body" that was changing all over. Overall, a very good film, perhaps a little underrated though. Annie Golden's role was minor but she acted very well. It was the film that practically launched John Savage as an actor. One of the members of the Chicago played his role well even though it was a minor role.