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A Really Good Fun Movie., 16 January 2014

Finally a found footage movie that doesn't think the audience is stupid. This is an inspired, unique and fun little bizarre movie that is pretty much unlike anything I've ever seen. It's a thriller and a supernatural horror and a great love story all in one. The best parts are the small moments between the characters. Lots of little intentional honest laughs from me. And the scares get under your skin, not just a bunch of jump scares. But there are those too of course. I love that they don't pretend it's tapes for the police or some weird framing device trying to trick us, it's just a cool style of movie not even really found footage. I could go on but really it's just a good, scary, fun movie. And it's so nice to actually care about the characters (Sam and Zach played by Allison Miller and Zach Gilford) for a change. People are going to stuff this in the PA box but they shouldn't. It's not that kind of movie at all. Good stuff!