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Don't Go to Sleep (1982 TV Movie)
Creepy made for TV movie
22 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Somehow I missed this movie when it was seen on TV back in 1982 (I had a small toddler then, was working full time and didn't have a lot of time for TV watching then). I was a huge fan back in the 70's of the Movie of the week, especially loving the scary ones such as "Satan's School for Girls", etc. This little gem was right up there with the best of them.

Dennis Weaver and Valerie Harper play parents who lost their eldest daughter in a car accident. Relocating to a new house, weird things start to happen. Mary, their surviving daughter begins to see her dead older sister, Jennifer, who encourages Mary to start killing off the surviving family. One by one, they all start dying by weird means.

The writing and acting are all top notch, Weaver and Harper play their roles as the guilt ridden parents with pathos. The acting is superb! There are some effectively creepy scenes, as others have noted, the pizza cutter scene is particularly eerie and effective. I love movies that convey fear and suspense without gore and this movie delivers.

I watched this on YouTube, evidently it has not been released on DVD, which is a shame. So many of the old, eerie Movie of the Week movies have not been released on DVD and it's a damn shame.
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Sharknado (2013 TV Movie)
What's not to love?
12 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If have waited so many years for a movie as cheesy and campy as Sharknado!!!! I mean who wants to watch the academy award winning Lincoln on pay per view when the SyFy channel offers a gem that contains drug dealers, a former surf superstar who while a bar owner is a meterologist and super hero who can without help can repel overpasses and save a school bus load of school kids and be a counselor to his tortured, rejected teenage daughter,who can swim in blood soaked mansions & fight his way out of a shark with a chainsaw, there's the girl who looks like a stripper who is pretty bad ass with a shotgun (yes you can kill a huge shark flying through the air with a shotgun and a cue stick for that matter), a one dimensional ex wife (numbly played by the ever zombie like Tara Reid) don't forget the lecherous old drunk who rescues Golden Retrievers with bar stools, yes y'all, Bar Stools!!! Forget the current gun law legislation, let's outlaw bar stools, you can kick some serious shark ass with that! It just can't get any better folks!!!!!

This was the most fun I have had watching a movie in years and I am not even joking. I mean, sharks attacking people in little to no water, a giant roller coaster squashing people, tornado's with sharks flying around, where were the octopus', jellyfish, whales, etc? It was so bad it is FANTASTIC!!!!! Please make a sequel, PLEASE! Maybe sat in the south and call it Gatornado or Crococaine.
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Pretty good version of the telling of the Gill Man
1 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is the third & final rendering of the tale of the Gill Man. Seems a group of scientists head to the Florida Everglades to locate, capture and study the creature. He is captured and nearly killed when he catches on fire. He is left without gills but has lungs (who knew) and he is transported to San Francisco why there?

Then he is penned up with animals and dressed in human clothing????? All the while the scientist played by Jeff Morrow, is losing his grip on reality due to jealousy over his young, sexy but faithful wife whom all the other male scientists are interested in. A murder occurs, sending the creature into a murderous rampage.

This is a different theme than the previous two outings, but the acting is good and the plot kept my attention.
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The Hearse (1980)
The Hearse How do you kill a ghost?
7 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say this is not a bad little horror movie from the early 80's. It is pretty atmospheric, lot's of creepy little moments, but I have to say, there are a lot things left unanswered...

Yes, we get that Jane's Aunt got into Satanism and abandoned her faith for her love affair with Robert (Tom), but why? What happened to her Aunt? Why was Paul the young man killed? Why did Jane have a nervous breakdown? The most crazy thing that I found was when the hearse went off the cliff and exploded....that killed the ghost of Tom? Do you kill a ghost in a car wreck? That made absolutely no sense to me. An exorcism yes, a car crash, not so much.

I did enjoy this movie but the ending was a bummer,,,, nuff said.
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Mamma Mia! (2008)
Fun movie but better on stage
21 July 2008
I am a huge fan of Abba (and have been since the 70's!) so I highly anticipated this film. I have to say I enjoyed it very much but after having seen the show on Broadway twice, this isn't as good in my opinion as the live shows. The energy that feeds off the crowd at the live show is amazing and it just wasn't there as much watching it on film. However, the actors did a good job with the songs and the Greek scenery was amazing. As others have stated, Pierce Brosnan was the weakest of all the actors singing, but he gave it a good old college try, and he is very engaging and handsome as usual. Meryl Streep looks great and did a fine job with the singing. And Julie Walters is a hoot as one of Donna's friends who arrive for the nuptials. I would recommend the movie but if you ever get a chance to see the show live it is much, much better.
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Halloween (2007)
6 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I will be the first to admit I am a mid 40 mom of 2 who knows very little about Rob Zombie who directed and wrote the screenplay for this piece of trash. But I remember being a senior in high school and going to the original "Halloween" by John Carpenter and Debra Hill and being terrified for days after. This movie wasn't scary-it was just plain gross and badly written and filmed. As many others here have stated, Zombie took an American Classic movie and put his own sick, misogynistic spin on it. Why? In the original, what was so scary to me personally was the fact that we did not know why Michael Myers was so evil-was he demonic, pure evil or just a little boy who was severely pathological? Carpenter did not tell and that added to the suspense and horror. Here, in the first minutes of the movie we find out that poor Michael is the product of a severely dysfunctional, white trash family. This causes someone to go nuts and gruesomely murder family members and strangers alike? I think not. The characters are not likable, the only one I did like, the Hispanic janitor in the asylum was killed off by his friend "Mikey". There was no character development of anyone. The language was horrible. Does every single person have to use the vilest language imaginable in order to get their point across? It was absurd. The females in the movie were all horrible and annoying. Even Laurie, the lovable, level headed babysitter in the original movie was annoying. I felt no connection with her whatsoever. Annie and Lynda were so obnoxious in this movie. Horrible! The thing that really bothered me was the amount of violence Zombie used in this film towards the females. The rape scene in the asylum was totally disgusting and pointless. It had no plot value, it was just Zombie wanting to throw it in for shock value or his own sick fantasies, whichever it is, it was pointless and disgusting. Also, the killing of Lynda and Annie's attack again tells me that deep down Zombie is a misogynist, I really believe it. Poor Malcolm McDowell, the brilliant actor from "A Clockwork Orange" has been reduced to this. How sad.

While I am not familiar with Zombie's previous movies, if they are anywhere near as bad as this one I will stay away. If you revere the original "Halloween" don't waste your valuable time watching this garbage.
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Good family fare
26 December 2006
This movie is fun for kids of all ages. The storyline is simple, Ben Stiller plays a man who just can't seem to get it together so to speak. His ex-wife is not wanting their son to spend anymore time than necessary with the Dad until he gets his act together and finds a steady job. Hence he takes a job at the Museum of Natural History as a night watchman. The story takes off from there.

The movie is fun and enjoyable. It certainly not heady stuff, this movie will not win any academy awards, but if you are looking for a movie you can take the whole family to and have a few laughs, this movie should satisfy.
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Beautiful version of the greatest story ever told
19 December 2006
This movie is a beautiful movie to take one's family to. If you believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus this is a faithful retelling (with the exception of the Magi) of the biblical story.

The writing, costumes and acting are all top notch. I was very impressed with the presentation of the story of the conception of Jesus, and Mary and Joseph's reactions to this dumbfounding turn of events in their ordinary lives. Can you even imagine a 13-14 year old Jewish girl in that time, being told by an angel of God that she is to bear the Messiah, she will become the Mother of God? This movie shows the very human sides of Mary and Joseph and the difficulties they must have encountered while preparing for the 2nd most monumental event in history, the birth of Christ (the greatest event of course was His Passion and Resurrection).

I loved this movie and hope everyone can enjoy it!
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Creepy masterpiece
24 November 2006
When I watched this movie, I expected (based on the goofy title) a "B" movie, what I saw was a wonderfully written and acted movie. Val Lewton's vision of "Jane Eyre", set in San Sebastian satisfied me in every way.

Frances Dee plays Betsy Connell, an idealistic nurse who goes to San Sebastian, in the Carribbean, to take care of the catatonic wife of Paul Holland (played by Tom Conway). She arrives not knowing that Jessica is to quote her "a mental case". Is Jessica the victim of a strange virus that robbed her of her mental facilities or a victim of voodoo? The dynamics of the island and the 2 brothers who both loved the doomed Jessica are explored amongst the background of revenge and voodoo. The scene where Betsy takes Jessica to the voodoo "home fort" is one of the eeriest, scariest scenes I have ever scene.

Lewton creates an atmosphere of dread and fear without displaying any overt violence or gore. That is the work of a true master.

I love all of Lewton's movies but this stands above the rest as a true masterpiece of it's genre. Enjoy!!!!
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Breaking Bonaduce (2005–2006)
Those crazy Bonaduce's!!!!
16 November 2006
Watching this reality series is like watching a slow moving train wreck, it's awful, it's horrible but you can turn away.

What to say about Danny and Gretchen that hasn't already been said? They are both celebrity whores big time to allow cameras into the meltdown that is called their marriage.

This is the second season and sad to say, things are not improving for the family. During the first season I had a lot of compassion for everyone involved, but now I am beginning to think Gretchen is using Danny both monetarily and for the "fame" itself. Not that he is perfect, God knows how F****D up he is, and I'm sure living with him would be difficult at best, but to make the man beg and grovel and not to let him touch you? I don't get it, either you love him and are willing to give it another go for the like 1,000th time or for God's sake cut him loose!!!! He deserves at least some honesty for crying out loud. She seems to get off on him telling her how much he loves her and needs her and can't live without her and she acts as if she could care less. She's a heartless bitch in my opinion. The recent episode of her going to Boston with him proved that. She went to look like "Gretchen Bondaduce, supportive wife" in public and then they get back to the hotel and she invites him to sleep in her hotel room and then tells him he is not to touch her? What the hell? I don't get it.

And Dr. Gary, what is up with this guy? He looks like he has been Botox'd to the max, he can't even move his face when he is chastising Danny and he has obvious anger towards Danny that tends to make him side constantly with Gretchen. They are like 2 sorority sisters getting together to cut up poor Danny. Don't get me wrong, Danny pushes everyone's buttons, but Dr. Gary always sides with Gretchen instead of trying to stay impartial and make both the adults in this relationship own up to their dysfunctional ways. Gretchen is not the perfect saint that Dr. Gary tends to make her out to be. I think she is totally manipulative.

The obvious victims in this whole mess are the 2 Bonaduce children. How sad for them that their mother hates their father and encourages her young son to make fun of his father's bipolar disorder!!! In 20 years we will probably be hearing about these 2 kids multiple stints in rehab, arrests, etc.

Watch this show if you must (I have to say, once you start watching you can't stop)but don't be surprised if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
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