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All the classics I LOVE and watched growing up.
Listed in order of their release!
Anything that's not on the list that 'should' be..
I probably haven't seen it yet!
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Light hearted coming of age films (kids/young teens) can relate to. And should watch while growing up.
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A list of coming Of Age movies in which some can be quite hard to watch and heavy in their subject matter. Older teens may appreciate!
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A list I made of 100 films I feel are great for kids! Being born in 88' I grew up watching a lot of these and loved them! Some are new that I feel are good enough to make my list OR others, I just imagine kids enjoying them. I know there's a lot that didn't make the list. But, you'll find theres a mixed variety of all different films here. Some for mainly family or kids, some funny, silly, adventurous, emotional and even scary! But the scary ones never messed me up. Being scared or sad from a film is healthy for a kid! Don't protect them too much! Enjoy!