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Anurag Kashyap is God of dark cinema, 22 August 2016

Movies like this makes me proud of the time we live in. We get to experience the artwork of directors like Anurag Kashyap. This movie is not for the faint of the heart or art. Brilliantly acted, not only by the lead Nawazzuddin Siddiqui (what a gifted actor!), but by all supporting cast. Vicky Kaushal gives such a powerful performance. Every aspect of the film making, from the background score to the few soundtracks (by Ram Sampath) are so amazing. This movie doesn't leave you for a minute. It keeps you engaged so much, its hard to take a washroom break. You get into the characters head even while watching the film. No wonder Nawazzuddin got sick and hallucinating and uttering the dialogues from the film while during the shooting of the film. I wonder why I gave it 9/10. Maybe because I don't give 10/10 to any movie, but I really cannot think of any aspect to be critical upon! A definite watch, must watch, absolute must, if you love dark, noir films!

Siddhartha (1972)
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Once you see this film, you can never unsee it!, 7 March 2015

What a movie!! What a hidden gem! Can't thank a friend (VNR) enough for recommending this film. Its the ultimate soul-searching movie. "Stop searching, stop worrying, give love! Live in present. Everything changes, everything returns"! Some deep Indian philosophy in the film, presented by non-Indians primarily! I find that amazing. The music of the film by Hemant Kumar works beautifully. Very simple, melodic, mostly Bengali. Haunting. Gels so well with the river, nature depicted in the film. "O re nadi" is my favorite. The entire film has a feel reminiscent of Satyajit Ray's film making. Brilliant production. Watch this film. It will stay with you for long. Maybe a lifetime.

Gangoobai (2013)
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Sweet little movie needs to be seen by everyone, 9 December 2014

A random search on 2013 Hindi movies (sorted by rating) got me to this title, that I had never heard of. NFDC production further picked my interest, and I landed up in YouTube, watching the entire movie. What a sweet little movie. I know, it has many script flaws, unreasonable flow of the movie, all that, but what Bollywood film doesn't have that! Beyond all that, it is well acted (don't expect a Vishal Bharadwaj film here or so). But all the actors are well cast. The lead actor Sarita Joshi has done a fab job, as well as the Purab Kohli. Its a feel good script, executed well. Its a simple story, but a heart touching one. It reminded me of Dasvidaniya (though that's a very powerful film, and apparently Sarita Joshi acts in that too). Watch the film! Highly recommended.

Ana amazing love story, 28 December 2013

Some movies just start and end in 2-3 hrs. You get out of the theater, you (probably) enjoyed the movie, few months later, you probably forgot the characters, plot.

And then there are some movies, that leaves too many questions in your mind. You cannot forget the characters, you wish you want to know what happened after the movie ended, you want to conjure up your own ending.

The Lunchbox is that kind of movie. Brilliantly acted is an understatement. Amazing characterization.

I was glued till the end. I didn't want it to end. Though I didn't want it to end like some typical Hindi movies end either. It'll take a few days for me to get over the movie. I feel the restlessness of the characters.

Watch the movie for its characters, 29 September 2013

What a cute little love story! Watch the movie for its characters, the screenplay, the subtle funny lines, the settings! No over the top comedy, or loud over-the-top punjabi lines (even though the entire setting is in kinda rural Punjab). An absolute delight. Amit Trivedi's music is tasteful - if you have liked Sneha Khanwalker's Oye Lucky Lucky Oye music, or Dev D by Amit Trivedi, you'll find some similar feel in the music. Besides the music is so nicely weaved into the screenplay, there is no 'actors breaking into a song suddenly' kinda situation. The movie is so well cast. Fine acting by the lead pair, esp Huma Qureshi. You feel the character. Vinod Nagpal is a delight. Back in the days of Hum Log (as Basesarram), he always hummed some song. Here also he does in some scene, and thats cool. Such a well made movie.

Talaash (2012)
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As far as Khans of Bollywood concerned, other two can only dream!, 5 December 2012

What a movie Aamir Khan! Amazing. So much for the Khans of Bollywood, SRK and Salman can only dream of being compared with Aamir. Aamir the immaculate actor, Aamir the director, and Aamir the producer, and even Aamir the social reformer (Satyamev Jayate). Coming to the movie, I loved Aamir's acting, every minute of it. The intensity, the look. The entire starcast is so well cast, Kareena Kapoor is beyond brilliance in her role. Rani Mukerji, well. She does the role well. But the movie belongs to Ms Kapoor and Mr Khan.

Music by Ram Sampath is fantastic. Jee Le Zaraa sung by Vishal Dadlani is going to be a rock ballad favorite for coming years. Sona Mohapatra's Jiya jaaye na is an awesome mix of hindustani and electronic trance. Ram Sampath has been a hidden talent all these years. It takes a real artist to recognize a real artist. Aamir Khan has brought him on Delhi Belly, Satyamev Jayate and this is the third serving. Brilliant music, every time. That even includes the background score. The background score in a suspense thriller is almost like another central character. Its hugely challenging. Ram does such an incredible work there!

This is a must watch for any film-lover (not sure about the people who are fans of Salman Khan). As an Indian, I am so proud that my country is producing such quality movie which I can bring my American friends to show with pride.

Go watch it, if you haven't.

A socially conscious film, 29 October 2012

Watch it for the comedy. For Delhi flavor. For a socially conscious message.

A simple love story, with a strong social message. Brilliant acting by Anshuman, and Anu Kapoor. And every other actor is so well cast. The old lady (Veer'ji?), Dolly (mom), even Shweta (Padosan ladki).... each of the character is so full on Delhi flavor.

One oddity: While the punjabis in the movie were shown in full flavor, I felt the Bongs were shown slightly bland (but we all know Bongs are anything but bland). And ironically the director himself is a Bong.

Paani da song is a simple, yet very effective song. Great song to be sung and composed by the actor himself.

I don't know the background of actors, but I felt no one could have done justice unless someone grew up in Delhi/Punjab/Haryana (like in another such movie I loved: "Oye Lucky Lucky Oye"). I am pretty positive the actors were from the region. Smart dialogues, hilarious situations, and finally a powerful social message to cap it off.

So glad, movies on such off-topic are being made, and very clear from IMDb review board that its being appreciated so well. Haven't met a single person who didn't enjoy this movie.

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I have renewed my respect for Irrfan Khan, 8 October 2012

Irrfan Khan to post-Y2K audience is like Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri of pre-Y2K cinema rolled into one. Though that might be a exaggeration given the small body of work he has done, but films like Namesake, and Paan Singh Tomar puts him in the list of such elites. He gets into the role. He looks the character he is performing. One hell of a power-packed performance by Irrfan. He carries the entire film on his shoulder. The direction, the characters and characterization, background music, almost everything in this movie is top-notch. To make it even classier, I thought the camera work could have even been classier. Regardless, its a must watch movie for any serious movie lover.

Ishaqzaade (2012)
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See it for the acting of the lead pair, 27 July 2012

Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor - they will go very far in the industry. This film proves it. Parineeti does such a justice to the role, she is audacious, loving, carefree, .... her body language, her vulnerability, her dialog delivery - its a class performance. Arjun Kapoor, while I think, doing the role he did, is slightly easier than how Parineeti did justice to so many shades of her character, but still did a stupendous job.

The other technicalities of the movie is brilliant. Art direction, the sets, colors, music (Oh Amit Trivedi, I cannot get enough of 'Pareshan')...

I loved the movie. Do not watch this if you cannot take intensity .... its a mad intense crazy love story!

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An offbeat classic, 29 August 2010

Farhan Akhtar, yet again comes as one of the most creative of the current breed of bollywood actors and directors. This movie shows the maturity of bollywood!

Very well acted by the leading pair. The movie is quite gripping from the get go, till the last frame. Reminded me of the movie, yet another favorite, Shabd, on similar topic (Writers block).

Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous in the movie - had to mention. So is her costumes! Someone in the costumes dept knew how to dress her (to kill)!

The production design is of top quality.

The music - apt! No nonsense, no 'telephone dhun mein machalnewali' :-)

Its not an exaggeration to say Farhan Akhtar is the new method actor. A 'Rock on' to a 'Luck by chance' to a 'Wake up Sid' to this one! Its quite a ride.

Go watch it if you dare to treat yourself with an offbeat classic!

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