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Amazing FIlm!!!, 11 January 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed this film!! It proves that you don't have to spend millions of dollars or have very well known names to produce such an amazing film!! Every aspect of this film was tremendous, with many great characters, with the lead, Joe Ricci, who's also is the writer, in an award winning performance!! The director, Eric Weston, did a wonderful job directing this film, the cinematography made the film look like a 10 million dollar film, and the story line, reminded me of the great older films which I grew up on and loved so much, such as "Hard Times", "Rocky 1", and "The Pope of Greenwich Village"!!! The casting of this film was spot on, and all the characters and fresh faces, were so entertaining. This wasn't just a fighting film, it was a film about life, and a buddy movie, with some nice twists and turns, and the film keeps you on your feet with the action, as well as the dynamic acting!! It would be a shame if this film did not play major theaters or get a great DVD distribution deal, as everyone should see this film. I personally think this film would win awards, if submitted to the very top film festivals!! It was a sentimental love story, but with many comedic moments also, as well, as great choreographed fight scenes, which come across so very real, it's hard to believe that they are not. SEE THIS FILM!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!!

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Very Funny Film, 27 June 2011

A very fun film to watch, with excellent acting, and a very different story line than usual. It was fascinating, funny, and unusual, with very bazaar characters. Mixed in with very odd choices, making for a wonderful new film. I really enjoyed this film!! It was a film that kept me wanting to see more. I was originally supposed to be in this film, but was working on another project at the time, so I had to back out. I feel this film will do very well at festivals and should get distribution. Alex Ballar did a very good job directing and acting in this film. He appears to have a very bright future!!! And his choice of actors was excellent. A very different type of comedy, with also a message.

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Merv Griffin arc of show is ultimate in surreality and insanity!!!, 6 December 2006

This is one of the most hilarious and genius of any sitcom episode in the history of television, as well as, without a doubt, the most surreal!!! The idea of Kramer being so delusional that, by getting the remains of the set of the Merv Griffin show, and putting them in his apartment, and then believing he is actually hosting the Nerv Griffin show is out of the world- beautifully insane!!! Anyone who can't find the humor of this episode, (even if the don't like the show the way I do, or even if they now can't stand Richards),probably is humorless. And of course, I'm talking about the Merv Griffin arc of this episode. The rest of the show was good, and I think I loved every Seinfeld episode, but this is the ultimate of surreality and complete comedic insanity and I mean that is a good way- Way to go writers and actors!!!