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Animators who are known for drawing in a very wacky style
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A list of my dvds I've collected in the past 10 years or so
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Magazine and comic book artists who are known for their disgusting artwork
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A list of some the best people who animated some of the best fight scenes in animation
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As many of you know The Simpsons went downhill a long time ago and this is where I think the show hit it's low point, however there are a few decent episodes here and there.
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A list of the worst episodes of one of my favorite animated sitcoms in my opinion.
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A list of my favorite cartoon creators, directors, and comic book and comic strip illustrators.
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A list in no particular order of really bad sequels to great movies that never should've been made.
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My favorite American television cartoons of all time in no particular order.
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My favorite special effects artists in the movie industry in no particular order.
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My personal list of voice actors for their overall performances and range.
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Bob Clampett is one of my all time favorite Looney Tunes directors, these are my own personal choices.
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My own personal list my favorite cartoons of Tex Avery at his best.