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Red Eye (2005)
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Woth seeing at this point in the summer, 11 August 2005

Red Eye

Category: Movies Genre: Suspense/Thriller Wes Craven's Red Eye has plenty of things that WORK and a few that doesn't, but gives you a nicely packaged Suspense/Thriller that fits neatly into the end of the summer. The film is about the charming and gingerly Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Wedding Crashers) as a Hotel manager who is held captive/hostage of sorts on an airplane by the deceptively charming yet eerily subdued Cillian Murphy (28 day's Later, Batman Returns), who threatens to harm her father if his demands aren't met to relocate a Homeland Security guru at her hotel for an easy assassination. that was a mouthful. What works with this film: Good chemistry between Murphy and McAdams' characters. They were both in separate blockbusters this summer and it's nice to see them both in a smaller film. Cillian Murphy is utterly believable in his logical, borderline psychotic role but may watch how many "weirdo" roles he accepts in his Hollywood movies before he gets pigeonholed. His British films explore more range. Wes Craven, by keeping Act II of the film inside the aircraft, gives a more than adequate sense of confinement that helps build tension for the characters' situation. What doesn't work: Act III shifts gears into being more action oriented, and the up to this point, Wes Craven sense of humor starts to surface. There is no longer a feeling of dread or fear involved when the antagonists become caricatures of themselves. Silly foreshadowing from Dr. Phils self help book

Overall a decent showing, and better than expected from Wes Craven, a great date movie for the guys to enjoy their girls jumping at the scares and squeezing their arms at the tense moments.

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Destruction of a one-time promising franchise, 22 February 2005

I remember the excitement my friends and I felt leaving the theatre after seeing Blade I in the theatre years ago (for the 3rd time). I remember telling my brother that I haven't seen a hero kick this much ass in a film since the 80's. This film, along with "The Matrix" and Jackie Chan helped bring martial arts back to Hollywood.

I remember leaving Blade II being disgusted by the acting by the acting Leonor Varela, but pleased to see Donnie Yen's fight choreography and to see Wesley Snipes' Blade kick even more ass this time around. Not as good a story as 1, but cool and violent nonetheless.

But I'm surprised that Blade didn't have nipples on his costume with the immediate decay of the quality of the franchise. The responsibility lies completely on David Goyer as he finally was given the chance to direct he series he has written since it's inception. This film felt like it should have been on Sci-Fi channel or FX. Those good old days of Blade kicking ass are gone, replaced by Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds beating down brittle MTV vampires that couldn't hold a candle to Stephen Dorff's Deacon Frost. I don't even remember seeing Blade fight Dracula, with all the action geared towards his new sidekicks. That's like a Batman movie with Robin as the star. David Goyer now says he'd like to direct Thor......comic fans around the world should now panic as to what he sets his sights on next.