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These are favorites, not all of them award winning although all are truly distinctive and high caliber. I never tire of these films and find I notice something new each time I watch them. These are films I watch anywhere from 2-3 times during a year. I list them in no particular order (A-Z) because I enjoy them almost equally, but in very different ways, depending on my mood. This list is always in process (I remember great films all the time) and will be amended over time. Please let me know what you think of this list.
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I love movies about revolutionaries--people committed to change, a cause, a raison d'etre. These aren't war movies, although some revolutions may include armed combat. These are movies about undermining or defeating a status quo that harms a great many people, a society, a country. These could be acts of one person, a few, or many. Of course, many of these films could be considered left-wing--I don't know of too many films in which people go to bat to protect the rights of corporations and banks. If I've missed films like that, let me know. Needless to say, these are all terrific films and most are on my other list of Films I Watch Repeatedly. I've listed them alphabetically. Consider the list a work in progress. Enjoy & comment.