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Making 'Signs' (2003) (V)
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is this a q question about the summary?, 20 February 2005

I don't know what a spoiler is! As for the film: It was too dark and the sound was terrible! I even amplified through headphones and could not hear. I have not the foggiest idea what the movie was about! I tried to get the summary, but it just left me hanging! Who were the extra terrestrials? Why did they come? Why did they go away? What happened to the one which was battered? Now, I can read James Joyce so I am not lacking in intelligence! Mr. Gibson is a very fine actor whose performances I generally enjoy very much. However, he should know that whispers and childish voices do not carry well in films unless they are amplified or the whisper projected as the British actors learn to do. The darkness in which the film was shot was very distracting. It did add to the mystery-too much so! I am really frustrated as I did not understand what was going on!