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The Best Movie Ever Made..., 15 July 2005

... in the evil dead series. From the very beginning I couldn't stop smiling... every time I saw Bruce Campbell i laughed and every time there was a fight I chuckled. It is an extremely fun movie with a no mercy attitude. Sam Raimi perfects his shaky cam shots and first persons and makes for the most enjoyable experience in a long time. The plot is sturdy (identical to Evil Dead) and the technology is painful (purposefully). The movie moves leisurely from event to event. The supporting cast are stupid and bring more trouble to the film (a much needed element) and the best part is, the carnage starts 5 minutes into the movie. A no-think great movie, possibly the best movie the horror genre has turned out in the last 20 years.

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Amazing, 2 March 2005

I saw this film only today. I was so affected by it that I had to comment, quite simply, this is the greatest film to ever be released. It is so breathtakingly amazing. Kubrick's vision of King's masterpiece is the scariest film ever made. If it didn't scare you when watching, it haunts you from now on for the rest of your life, the scene when Nicholson makes out with the hot chick but looks at the mirror to find out she is a really a disgusting, scarred, evil old lady. I've never been so haunted in my whole life. I never vomit from movies, but this was close. Kubrick's follow along filming is so fun to watch and even if you don't like the way the story ends... Lets face it, no one really did... you are haunted by what you've seen. I frankly thought the ending suited the story, I hate it when there are epic battle scenes because frankly, this was a normal guy, his death suited him. The ending made enough sense.. 10 out of 10

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Amazing, 20 February 2005

This was quite possibly the greatest film of all time, I agree the acting was somewhat lacking, but the effects were beyond amazing, you got to remember, this was 1977. Lucas' vision was realized to its full potential and William's score carried the film to being the most successful film ever made, behind the hunk of crap titanic. The story was one the most original I've ever come across and the movie itself sparked the career of Harrison Ford, quite possibly one of the biggest actors in the 1980's and 90's. Although this was the first and last original Star Wars film to be directed by Lucas, it was quite possibly the best film to hit the market in the 1970's.