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one of the funniest movies of 2005 so far, 23 February 2005

This was the first comedy film i saw this year, and boy was it a good one, i highly anticipated this movie as i really thought 'meet the parents' was really funny and the sequel was even better, there were so many funny moments its hard to pick just one, but my personal favourite had to be when the baby said 'ass-hole' and the way he said it was so funny how they trained him to say it like that-i don't know.

There was also brilliant acting from all of the cast especially Robert De Niro as the grumpy dad, he made you really believe him as the character and that he really was strict with his rules and even a bit intimidating.

In summary, this film was a great kick start of the year, i can honestly say i loved this film even if it drag on a bit too long for me.

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worst movie I've seen in ages, 23 February 2005

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I cant believe anyone actually enjoyed this film, it was terrible-sure there was some good acting from Nicholas Cage but the plot was SO boring i literally fell asleep in the cinema and me and my friend found it so boring that we walked out half way through the movie, whoever wrote 'National Treasure' should be killed.

I thought it was so boring because it was so predictable, and they thought they were being surprising by nearly letting the good guys lose, even though it was obvious that they would escape alive because the good guys losing could never happen.In summary i found it really boring and just really bland like most other 'treasure' movies it was even worse than the tomb raider movies and 'around the world in 80 days'-whoever liked this film please please tell me why because i absolutely hated this film-WORST FILM OF 2004

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Funniest movie this year, 20 February 2005

I'm a bit biased as i love sponge-bob square-pants the TV series, i longly awaited this movie, and i wasn't disappointed, there were so many funny moments such as the bubble party, the goofy goober song(which is so catchy that you will find yourself singing it after the movie). My favourite part was when they rode on David Hasslehoff as a speed boat that made me laugh out loud. Tom Kenny was on top form as Spongebob as usual ,Scarlett Johansson wasn't as good as she could've been better than she was. It was miles better than 'son of the mask' and 'racing stripes', adults you will be pleasantly surprised at this movie don't be put off because of the title and that its animated go see it as soon as you can and if you already have seen it go see it again for this is the funniest movie this year so far.

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ice cube -great actor shame not great movie, 20 February 2005

Ice cube was brilliant in this film ,the kids weren't half bad too the movie itself was average, it was funny in some parts ,the worst part of the movie was the ending- it was too sentimental for my liking and was a classic 'the kid nearly dies but doesn't' moment which really annoyed me. My personal favourite part was when the kids go off with Nicks car and the giant axe from the sign goes right between Ice Cubes legs (thats gotta hurt).The plot was pretty good but could've gone into more detail , i mean if you knew a guy who gave you a lift once would you let him look after your kids- i know i wouldn't. In overall great acting- average movie- like 'christmas with the cranks' but much better.