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A movie about civil war set in a viking-like era, 7 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is about the young boy Harald. He lives in a village and the mad king send warriors to confiscate the ships along the coast. Harald's village don't want to part with its ship and Harald's father takes the kings messenger prisoner. Harald's father is chief of the village and he sails to the rebellion in the north to get help. Unfortunately the messenger escapes and brings a group of warriors to punish the village. Harald's mother convinces the warriors that the old drunkard of a shipbuilder can make a new ship.

This movie is taking place in a viking-like time. It is not historical correct and does not try to be. It is a serious, dark movie about that happens to people in a country in civil war.

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Good, for a fan made show, 28 May 2006

Hidden Frontier is a fan made show, in the world of Star Trek. The story takes place after Voyager has returned from the Delta-quadrant . It has some characters from the official Star Trek shows, but most of them are original to the show. The show takes place on the star base Deep Space 12 and on several space ships, which gives it opportunities the official shows don't have. The characters have the opportunity of a rising in the hierarchy, which characters in shows with only one ship doesn't have. The show has good computer animation of spaceships, but the acting takes place in front of at green-screen and it gives a green glow around the actors. Not all the actors are equally good, but most do fine. The episodes are character driven and the characters develop over many episodes. That is a bit more like in Babylon 5, than in most official Star Trek shows. Hidden Frontier takes taboos that even the official series has shrunk from using. All in all I enjoyed watching it.