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Savage Planet (2007) (TV)
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Horrendously boring, 13 August 2006

I saw this on the night it premiered on the sci-fi channel, expecting for some mindless monster-violence fun, (ala Sabretooth, Dinocroc, etc.) unfortunately I found this movie to be plagued by confusing plot lines, maddeningly boring and stereotypical characters and a monster so dull (not to mention almost impossible from an evolutionary probability standpoint) that it didn't keep me interested during a single part of the movie. The CGI/blood and gore was awful, which can be expected from a Sci-Fi original, however the decision to mix what I suppose was meant to look like live-action footage of this creature's equivalent on Earth was overwhelmingly corny. Above all, and forgive my redundancy the creature was totally dull and unimaginative. Prehistoric alien monster bears. Laughable premise and still poorly done.