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29 January 2006
My cousin asked me if I wanted to watch "The Truman Show" or "Malcolm X". I thought about it. Malcolm X was certainly a great person. I didn't know anything about the movie. On that day, I wanted to watch something funny. No serious stuff.

I asked my cousin who was in the Truman Show. He told me Jim Carrey. And before he could go on I stopped him and said I want to watch this one. I thought it'd be hilarious like any other Jim Carrey movie. But boy was I in for a ride.

The movie started out.. well somewhat confusing. Some people started talking about "The Truman Show". I stopped worrying what that meant and I guessed the plot within the first hour of the movie. Fantastic idea for a movie.

Jim Carrey did a brilliant job. One of his best semi-serious movies. Peter Weir's direction was stunning. I also liked Ed Harris. Good job to the rest of the cast.

This movie is superb. It is a must watch for everyone.
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the best World War 2 Movie of All Time
11 April 2005
This movie will rank in the top 100 movies of all time for years and years to come. Why? Because it helps shows war with real decency. No one would want to watch a movie with only killing, blood and gore. No one really does. This movie manages to let us, the viewers, watch virtually a firsthand take of what veterans went through.

The acting was phenomenal. Tom Hanks was at his best yet, with superb realism which he displayed. Good job to others: Tom Sizemore, Edward Burn, Barry Pepper, Adam Goldberg, and of course Vin Diessel.

The Director: Steven Spielberg directed the best movie he ever made. This movie was unbelievably realistic. I know that throughout this movie, I did not and could not possibly think about anything that might take me away from the movie. In fact, the whole time I imagined that this was not a movie, that it really occurred.

The music director: John Williams made one of the best of Alltime. The beautiful piece: Hymn to the Fallen Soldiers raises the goosebumps from your arms. Extremely good job with that. Revisiting Normandy and others also were profoundly beautiful. The sound was amazing. The sound of the tanks rolling, warfare, bullets under water, etc. really super sized this movie. The sound tanks in this movie got me scared.

This movie clearly should have won best movie, and best actor.

I loved it and watch it once every month, which I simply can not elude.
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