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Se7en (1995)
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David Fincher does it again!.! ^__^, 2 July 2005

Se7en is a reflection of our everyday life, we live in a world filled with media & information technology which makes people often live beside each other instead of with each other, even though the serial killer is portrayed as the devil in this movie i can empathize with his feelings/opinion about seeing sins on every corner of the streets. The intellectual, patient personality that's Sommerset & the young rebellious "let's dance" Mills really contrast each other, creating interesting character development.

We as the audience are confronted with biblical/religious statements throughout progress of the film concerning homocide cases, if Sommerset had to choose a playing card then he'd retire as soon as possible, he's been doing detective work for way to long, but however he does get motivated by the unusual case of 7 sins that are about to unfold including all the plot twists & turns.

Se7en has been directed with unusual grimmy & dark look, during the film it's constantly raining, as if time never seems to change the mood is captured with great directorial vision, the dark & wet apartments that seem to be abandonded for ages, a combination of brown & black colors recreating a new kind of innovative film noir, consciously leading us to unique cinematographic history.

Sommerset comes to terms with our serial killer John Doe & even though they might agree on certain points when it comes to the subject of everyday life, these 2 characters are worlds apart at the same time, in a sense that John Doe murders his victims using the 7 deadly sins.

Pacing of this movie is nice but if you're expecting a big action movie, perhaps you're better of watching a vin diesel (XXX) movie. We're invited by the director to be intellectually stimulated, while the story develops we must think along, asking ourselves new questions about every single horror murder committed as we go.

With that said the film is in my humble opinion highly recommended, especially if you're a fan of the acting skills of Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman, it's got quality(not much though)action, dark mood, acting, story development, character development, mystery, among others. Even though not for the faint hearted, since some scenes of the committed murders are visually shocking to say the least (adult rated), Se7en is a great police drama by director David Fincher. * * * * * * * * * 9 OUT 0F 10 STARS !