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Jet Boy (2001)
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dark version of Dear Frankie, 16 January 2008

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This movie after seeing it the first time a few weeks ago moved me. It was such a great story of two people coming together as father and son. It was like a dark version of "Dear Frankie". The acting was great, you will feel sorry for Nathan for what he went through, and he is better off with Boone. And some scenes in the movie, you almost cringed when you something was going to happen, like with the gun. But the scenes when Boone's girlfriend thought Nathan and Boone were father and son was the best!! It made you want to make the scene go on forever, and you will have to watch the movie to see what happened!! This movie ranks up there with some of my personal favorites!! Wish this film had got around, so more people could enjoy it!!!

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Tragedies on Film, 18 December 2006

Tsunami: The Aftermath ranks up there with movies such as Titanic, Nicholas and Alexandra, and many other historical movies! This was a great protrayl of the tsunami tragedy that happened in Thailand 2004! The acting was great, everything was top notch! Seeing possible events occur in the film/mini-series was heart wrenching and sometimes made me angry or depressed! Anger at the Hotel Chains for being so greedy, and depressed and sadness at the loss of loved ones! This is a great movie and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves!! And the actors all deserve an award for playing such a diverse set of characters coming together in tragedy, especially Toni Collete, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Okonedo and many others!

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Dear Frankie....., 29 June 2005

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I give this movie a 9 out of 10 because I think Lizzie should have found Gerard Butler, and got together with him since her son knows he is not his father, and that having Frankie read the obituary with his biological's father name in it was a bad move, but can understand her doing it, for his real father's family might try and find Frankie. The movie was moving and touching, a good father-son movie! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good sentimental movie! "Dear Frankie" was an excellent movie, good cast, and good story! The boy who played Frankie should have also done the voice over though! I would like to see the boy in more movies, he is a good actor, along with Gerard Bulter, he was as good in this film as he was in "Phantom of the Opera", the actress who played the mom, she did a good job, and I felt bad for her running all the time, and the one question is, why not just leave the country so nobody could find her? Anyways, Cheers to a good movie and cheerio till later!

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I am not sure what to think!, 21 June 2005

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Well, I have been excited for this movie for a while, being a Jeremy Sumpter fan, and I even got a early shift at work just to watch it, but now that I have seen it, I really don't know what to make of it! It made a point that porn is bad and addictive, we all know that, but I was confused by the way it destroyed the life of Justin, can it really get out of control like that? And then having the little brother get involved, wow, that family really got screwed over by porn, and then that slut senior hit herself to make it look like Justin(Sumpter) beat her, that has been done before. The ending was okay, I guess he saw what his life was like before porn and it was better, and I guess we will have to wait for "Cyber Seduction: Recovering Addict" to see how Justin Peterson will get his life back on track! Or at least in the swim lane. The acting was decent, but I didn't feel a connection to the family, it was like they were all just put together for this movie just to make a movie, I thought Kelly Lynch was better in "Charlie's Angels". As for Sumpter, he was good, but I liked him better in "Frailty" and "Peter Pan".

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decent sentimental movie, 31 May 2005

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"Just a Dream" was an okay movie. Mainly got it because of Sumpter, but cool to see Ally Sheedy("WarGames") and Robby Benson("Beauty and the Beast") in it. The movie was good in the end, I thought maybe JM and the mom were going to get together in the end. It was nice that JM got to meet Marilyn Monroe, so he kind of got his wish, and it sucked the Indian guy got killed, I thought it wasn't really needed in the film, but hey I didn't write it, I guess they wanted more drama in the story, but they got it when the Indian guy just got killed and then Henry saw his dad and the waitress together as went to get help. Man, I would be shocked. Wish they had that in "Local Boys"- in which the suicidal guy should have jumped, that would have made Sumpter's character in that movie more screwed up. But over all, "Just a Dream" was a worthy effort, and you saw the rating I gave this movie! I can't wait for Sumpter's next movie, "Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life"!

Peter Pan (2003)
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best Pan movie yet!, maybe forever, 4 May 2005

I rented this with a friend to just to see it, because I wanted to see it in the theaters, but due to Air Force commitments, I was unable to, but it was worth the wait!! The acting, and effects were great!! Jeremy Sumpter really was Peter Pan! Rachael Hurd-Wood was a perfect Wendy, too bad she is not as greatly recognized as Sumpter, she deserves better! As for the rest, Jason Issacs was great as Capt. Hook, and liked in the "Harry Potter" movies! Even his brief scene in "Elektra". "Peter Pan" is one of those stories that you wish places like Neverland existed, like I would go there, or even the Nexus in "Star Trek: Generations", I mean, I would have been up there with Dr. Soran doing whatever I could! We all want immortality, and these type of movies kind of take us there for a few hours, that is cool!! So, to P.J. Hogan and J.M. Barrie, thank you for bringing to life an immortal legend! And to Jeremy Sumpter, Rachael Hurd-Wood and the whole cast for great performances and taking us into immortality and lettings us be forever young like Pan, for a brief time!!

Local Boys (2002)
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good touching movie, 4 May 2005

My friend gave me a copy of this movie, and it was really good! I liked all the relationships in the movie! Eric Christian Olsen and Jeremy Sumpter made a great brother team! I like Olsen in his other works, "Not Another Teen Movie" and "The Hot Chick", and Sumpter in "Peter Pan", which is one of the best movies ever made!! But "Local Boys", I enjoyed the drama in it, and how both boys were hurting, and how it was acted out, even I felt sorry for Skeet! I thought maybe the suicidal character should have gone ahead and jumped, and that would have made Skeet even more screwed up, first his dad and then this, and then Jim Wesley and Skeet's mom and Randy would work even harder to help Skeet get over his problems, that would have been cool! But good movie, good story, great acting given by all! I would have to thank Jeremy Sumpter for doing "Peter Pan" or I would never seen this great movie!!

Frailty (2001)
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watch if Sumpter fan only!!, 4 May 2005

Well, "Frailty" was an okay movie, a little twisted but okay, would have not have bought it if I wasn't a Jeremy Sumpter fan, his better movies being "Local Boys" and "Peter Pan". But, hey, what kid wouldn't want to play somebody who gets to kill somebody with an ax. Wouldn't recommend it though on a regular basis, just to see how Jeremy Sumpter acts only! The movie may been given a 6 by me, but Sumpter's acting if this, I would give an 8, just because the movie was a little bit weird, and why would God have someone go around killing people who have done wrong and our supposed Demons? This was a like a mixture of "Ghost"(1990) and the Batman movies!

Switched at Birth (1991) (TV)
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great movie, 20 February 2005

This movie was something I just happen to come across on a rainy day, and I am glad I did, this was an excellent movie, all the acting was well done! This is one I will love to watch again, and if this ever happened to me, or I was the lawyer representing the Twiggs, I would have said to only get visitation rights, because she may be their biological daughter, but your parents are the people who raised you, and that's the most important thing in your life! Other family dramas with this sort of situation I could really recommend are "Flight of the Navigator", "The Majestic", and the one episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' called "Suddenly Human". watch them all, they are all very good!