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Entertaining romantic comedy, nothing special
19 January 2007
At a pre-screening and Q&A with Director Michael Lehmann and writer Karen Leigh Hopkins hosted by critic Leonard Maltin, the soon to be released film opened with mixed reactions before the 365 member audience of USC film students. The narrative gets off to a slow start with on opening sequence that fails to arouse much interest or laughter. Only until a joke is shared between Millie (Moore) and her mother (Keaton) about a man's uncircumcised entity does the audience begin laughing. This is fairly representative of the movie's humor. It is consistently funny, but only through cheap and superficial jokes and scenarios. At times it even verges on slapstick. However, credit must be given to both Moore and Keaton who put out stellar performances. Moore proves her ability to be an actress following initial debut in Saved and will hopefully be able to move past her image as teenie-bopper musician. Keaton convincingly portrays an over the top single mother who cannot keep her nose out of her daughters' business. The film will have wide appeal for female audiences as it is about the mother-daughter relationship. But men will also find humor throughout and should not be discouraged to accompany their wives and girlfriends. (Note: Guys, this is a good chance to compromise on seeing a romantic comedy that will not bore or disgust.) The film sticks to genre conventions but the comedy aspect of the film veers from typical. The set design and editing are both noteworthy. The film will provide a fun evening for couples, old and young, at the theater and home.
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Millions (2004)
This film wasn't a disappointment because I had low expectations...
17 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie at a screening at Princeton on February 17th. I don't know what Danny Boyle was thinking when he agreed to direct this movie. What is worse is that I don't know what he was thinking while he was directing it. The film really lacked coherence. We go from a Tim Burtonesque opening to Home Alone and then the film takes us to Ethiopia in a cardboard box. The film reminded me of the mid 90's Dennis The Menace movie but worse. The performances are mediocre across the board. The only redeeming character is cute little freckle faced Damian. I felt offended by the ending where this British family soars to Ethiopia in a cardboard box to have a party in the desert splashing water over each other. The Brits still don't get it. If you waste your time seeing this film you will understand how wrong this film is on so many levels. Save your children from this delusional representation of doing the right thing.
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