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These movies have been split into 4 categories, which are basically Tier 1: Outstanding, Tier 2: Wonderful, Tier 3: Great, Tier 4: Good. Within each tier, it is (in my opinion) in descending order, from best to "worst". The tiers should be treated separately from each other, so a high Tier 3 might be better than a mid Tier 2, or something like that. I distinguish the Tiers by repeating the Tier's last entry. The next entry is then the beginning of the next Tier.
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Top films of 2015!
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These are my favorite Pixar films, in order.
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My top 14 of 2014.
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My personal Top 13 of the 2013 movie season.
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My favorite films of 2012
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These are what I consider to be the finest films of 2011.
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These are some movies that I think are not quite appreciated enough, even if the people who have seen them love them. Basically, these are movies the average Joe might not even have heard of, or care about (and he is wrong!)
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What I believe to be the very finest of 2010.