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it is crap, 15 July 2006

OK, I'm a huge fan of all kung-fu films, iron monkey, hero, crouching tiger hidden dragon etc but this is terrible. the dubbing is terrible the fights are slow and stiff, there is no creative side of it or any conclusion. The main character is called Detective Cool Head !!! Although i do like the swords featured on the cover, that are also seen in crouching tiger, this movie is impossible to understand and follow, word to the wise don't watch it. I recommend, Hero , House of the flying daggers , Iron Monkey (90's),Once upon a time in china , kill bill ( vol 1 & 2 ),and most of Bruce lee's films. The Camera Work is terrible in this film and there is no story.

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Much Ado About Nothing, 7 November 2005

A fan of Kenneth Branagh's version, I tuned into this accidentally, not expecting very much. Boy, was I wrong. Usually when some fool tries to do a modern remake of Shakespeare it's awful to the point of cringing, but I loved this! Not only was it clever, Beatice and Benedict worked in a newsroom and their biting comments were laugh-out-loud-hilarious, but there was more sexual tension than that in Branagh's version - where he was actually married to Emma Thompson playing Beatrice to his Benedict! The actor playing Benedict was emulating Branagh slightly, but came off rather better and to be honest, hotter. Beatrice was a 21st century independent woman with some edgy one liners that she delivered amazingly - her personality coming through perfectly, and there is this amazing scene where Ben had me in stitches, crawling across the floor...oh man, was that funny! Definitely worth a watch!