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Bad does not even describe this, 16 February 2005

I have seen bad movies. I have seen actors refuse to promote movies. I have never seen actors...and I use that term loosely with KISS here...refuse to allow their films to be released on video or DVD. Despite all the outcries, the guys of KISS will not sign the rights to allow this to be re-released on DVD because they know it is THAT bad. We tried to do a review of this on our radio show. No one could stomach watching it for more than 10 minutes without laughing or being sick, and THAT is bad! Blatant bad editing, terrible overdubs of audio...and forget any realistic or tangible acting. Gene Simmons went on to have a fair acting career, and has impressed me on occasion. But just like Jim Carrey never ever mentions Once Bitten in his credits...Simmons denies this movie exists, and I can't blame him. If you're feeling sick or just ate something bad, WATCH THIS FILM! It will make you empty the content of your stomach, either laughing or crying.